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Billions Season 6: Plot | Release Date | Cast


David Mudd

Billions is an American drama that tells the story of Bobby Axlrod who is a hedge fund billionaire. Axelrod’s illegal and unethical ways, manipulating the legal means to get his corrupt claws inside the things he wants lead him to cross path Chuck Rhodes, the DA. Thus begins the battle. Billions Season 6 will be a great watch!

The money-hungry power monger Axlrod’s journey has been addictively popular throughout the years. Season 1 of Show was released in 2016 and in 2020 season 5 was released., each season consisting of 12 episodes. The second part of season 5 is supposed to launch this year only. But the pandemic has cornered productions into a tough spot.

This article is about Axlrod’s journey this far and the latest news about Billion season 6. 

The title of the show 

The title of the show is pretty significant. The word Billions refers only to the billions of dollars that Axlrod dreams of making; it is also something that the DA will not let him get away with so easily. 

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Season 1 to 4 

Season 1 to4 has been an insane watch. Twists and turns abound, the corruption, the soulless world of Axlrod, Rhodes’ conflict and failure to handle the hedge fund running and making huge illegal earnings and a consistent power battle between hedge fund magnet and his nemesis the DA have kept us hooked for years. 

The crisp and sweet dialogues beating the moral high grounds every time became something very familiar. The world seemed so nuanced. 

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The fame behind the show 

the main actor from Billions Season 6
Starring the male lead of Billions

Billions shows things that are desired by everyone. It capitalizes on the desire to live a so-called good and smooth life through living big, which is an extremely popular American idea. This is exactly where the dream takes morality and conscience. 

The show often employs game theory to drive the storytelling. Game theory is a. series strategic and logical decision that optimizes the outcome of the events. Axel and Chuck both use it but in different ways. Whereas Chuck faces what is known as  Prisoner’s dilemma, Axl faces problems finding the consistency in his strategies.

The Narcissism of Billions Season 6 

Both are equally selfish, mindlessly ambitious and would not mind destroying the world just to save their ego. They both are obsessed in proving their point and power. Narcissists have a way of poisoning things close to them and they are no exception. Their dialogues are the best examples to allow the viewers a glance into their toxic mindsets. 

It is shocking to see how far they would go just to see who wins it all at the end of the day none of them have any intention to stop anytime soon.

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Season 5 

a glimpse from Billions Season 6
Showcasing a still from Billions Season 6

The nuanced world of Billions once again is presented to us in 2020. But the first part of season 5 is much less troubling and set in a neutral tone. Chuck has left to teach law. Bobby has trouble in his paradise. He swallows his pride and introduces his infant sister. At the same time, he faces more trouble opening his . 

Season 6 

Deadline has reported that season 6 will be happening but we do not have a specific date. The second part was supposed to be in production by 2020 and we are slowly nearing 2021 and the show is not happening. Covid 19 has suspended the production of the series. But it is strongly believed that season 6 will take place. 

The cast of Billions Season 6  

the cast of Billions Season 6
Featuring the official cast of Billions Season 6

Expect to see more of Chuck, Axe, Wendy Rhoades (Maggie Siff), Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon), Mike “Wags” Wagner (David Costabile), and Kate Sacker (Condola Rashād) when the show returns. Also, Corey Stoll, who played the do-gooder Axe rival Mike Prince introduced in Season 5, will be seen as a series regular for Season 6.


Billions has been running for 5 years now and with time it has grown a strong fan base. Axl’s big American dream is extremely popular and his lifestyle, combined with power and audacity has us hooked. The morally gray area of the show is something truly relatable. In short, we can barely wait for season 6. 

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