Billie Eilish Poses With Monsters & Ghouls at Halloween Horror Nights After Tattoo Reveal



Billie Eilish has recently revealed her massive tattoo which most from her neck to her back, and it has shocked the world. The popular pop singer has recently announced to her fans her tattoo, and it has revealed her love for horror things. Billie Eilish is popular for her amazing songs and powerful personality.

Recently the singer has released some of her photos on Instagram which celebrated her new tattoo. With the creepy creatures at Universal Studio, and Halloween horror nights in Hollywood, Billie Eilish was also present there.

The Instagram password was loved with her photos, revealing how she enjoyed the party. The Bad Guys singer took to Instagram on Friday to show off her visit to the event. In the big, we can see her wearing baggy pants and an amazing top that bears her personality completely.

She also revealed her gold tooth which earlier got the attention of the people. She wore her black and bright red hair in a ponytail which was admired by the people. We also see some scary pictures on her Instagram post which include a scary monster, surrounding her, some packing scythes, and knives. “Aaa Always the best time @horrornights #universal then thank you for having us,” Billie captioned the post.

Billie Eilish Poses With Monsters & Ghouls at Halloween Horror Nights After Tattoo Reveal

Billie, who has 110 million followers on Instagram, started commenting on her post. The fans have loved her since the start and we know how much the singer got love from her. “Always my favorite pics of the year,” wrote a fan, while another remarked, “Take me with you next year.” “Happy Halloween to all who celebrate,” quipped a third.

It isn’t Billie’s first visit to the Halloween horror movie extravaganza. It is no surprise that the singer has loved horror and sci-fi. It is seen from her outfits and her songs in the video. Her music video also has a hint of horror and thriller nature. When she was in HHN, she was with her ex-boyfriend.

Billie was earlier dating Jesse Rutherford and as of now, she has not confirmed her relationship status. In a 2018 interview, she admitted to loving horror movies, “I’m obsessed with The Babadook and like creepy visual sh**,” she told Billboard at the time.


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Talking about horror movies, she said,  “I just love horror movies and also if you took the music away from horror movies they wouldn’t be as scary,” she explained.

She also said that she doesn’t get scared easily and doesn’t have any scary parts. 

“If I’m watching a movie, nothing scares me,” she confessed.  “It scares me later. I like being scared. It means I’m scared a lot though because I like the feeling of it. I’ve always liked being hurt and being scared. I like the feeling of being terrified.”

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