Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo in New Instagram Post



Billie Eilish has finally revealed her massive tattoo after weeks of soft-launching it. The famous music artist has been teasing her friends regarding a tattoo call, for the longest time and says she has an amazing response as she has finally revealed it.

The youngest singer is known for her amazing songs and unique style and received a lot of press after being one of the youngest celebrities for the Grammy Awards. Last year, the singer received Grammy nominations as well won them.

One of the few artists, who got success in the young age. Many people remained curious about her relationship status as well. Fans have already started talking about the tattoo after she fully released it on Instagram post. As of now, the Instagram post has already received millions of lives and thousands of Kabir appreciating her amazing tattoo.

The tattoo, black that starts from her neck and goes to her lower pain is abstract and sci-fi content. These kinds of tattoo artists are amazingly popular, with celebrities, as we have seen stars like Grims do the same tattoo.

In her annual Vanity Fair interview in 2021, Eilish revealed that she had recently been inked with another fantasy-inspired tattoo.

Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo in New Instagram Post

“I just got this a few weeks ago, which is some fairies that are from a book that I had growing up — a little fairy book called Fairyopolis,” Eilish said in the interview, revealing the design on her left wrist and hand.

“They’re like my little guardian angel fairies,” she added.

Earlier, the singer officially confirmed that she wishes to keep her tattoo private as she wishes to keep it hidden. In her interview,  she revealed telling Vanity Fair in 2020 that she “did get a tattoo, but you’ll never see it,” but she changed her mind the following year.

“I love tattoos,” the singer said. “Right now, I feel pretty satisfied. I feel like I’m in a good zone with them. I felt the urge for a while and now I’m like, ‘Ahh.’ ”

In a moment of foreshadowing, she added, “Give me a little more time and then I’ll get another one.”


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One person wrote, “I can’t figure out what your new spine tattoo is and it’s driving me nuts. 😁 Is it a meteor? What you showed of it so far reminds me of the trail of a meteor.”

While other wrote, “You better end your romance with tattoos. If I’m busy reading them or admiring them how can I get to the other business?”

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