Bill Gates’ 21-year-old Daughter Phoebe Stuns in a Sheer and Black Dress at the Albie Awards, Where She Was With Her Mother Melinda!



Bill Gates’s youngest daughter, Phoebe Gates, turned 21 on Thursday. She wore a chic black dress with open parts to George Clooney’s Albie Awards. In the pictures you can see here, the Stanford student stood next to her mom, Melinda French Gates, who is 59 years old. The student was wearing a black column dress with a sheer overlay and sleeves, like an old Hollywood glam dress.

Beads with a lot of detail sparkled at the collar. Phoebe finished her formal look with a pair of black shoes and a side-swept updo to go with her floor-length dress. Her mother wore a beautiful blue dress with flower details on the shoulder. what do you think Who Is Robert Ross Phoebe Gates Boyfriend?

She also put her blonde hair up, with a curly strand falling down over one side of her face. At the big event in New York City on Thursday night, Phoebe and the mother of three looked happy as they cuddled up for photos. Click Here to know about The Divorce Of Bill And Melinda Gates

It turns out that Phoebe is a talker. That might be due in big part to Melinda‘s work. Even though Melinda and Phoebe look like they belong in a magazine, they seem to be real people. In an interview with John Legend in 2019, Melinda talked about how she keeps her kids “grounded” even though they have almost unimaginable luxury.

Bill Gates' 21-year-old Daughter Phoebe Stuns in a Sheer and Black Dress

“You start out really young,” she told Town & Country in 2019. “When they’re young, you have to do it in a very light way…For example, when you’re driving down the street, you could point out things that are different in each area.

Get the kids to think about why someone would be homeless in a place like ours when we have a nice house. Then, put them out in the community, in places that don’t look like where they live, and get them to know the people there.”

She went on to talk about a time when she helped her kids with a project for charity. “I remember taking our two older kids to Seattle when they were young,” she said. “It was Christmastime, and their school was having this event to make boxes for the poor, so that when they went to a shelter, they would get a box of toiletries.

We were helping: we folded the boxes and put a bar of soap, a razor, and a towel in each one. It made me feel good. Then, as we left the community center where we made the boxes, I held my two kids’ hands and said, “Isn’t that great? We made these boxes for the homeless.” “But, Mom, don’t they need homes?” asked one of my kids.

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