Bigbang Still Life Teaser 4 Coming Soon


David Mudd

BIG BANG is set to return with a new album, their first in four years since their last release. After releasing a series of teasers after teasers, G-Dragon cs has hinted that the semi-professional music industry is about to see a boom.

Big Bang will release a new song on Friday, April 4th, according to the latest information. The release of this song will mark the first time since the release of “Flower Road” eight years ago, which was released in March of this year. As a result of the group’s khas Cerita, they will be able to demonstrate their full potential.

Bigbang Still Life Teaser 4

“Still Life” is the title of the latest single by BIG BANG. According to the implication, the judul itself has already expressed the feelings of the members during the previous period. With the statement, “In this episode, there will be music and pesan tulus BIG BANG,” YG Entertainment raises the stakes even higher.

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By releasing this new music, BIG BANG hopes to bring back the epoch-making moments that they have been missing for the past eight years in the hiburan world. “We’re hoping to bring back the moments that we’ve been missing for eight years,” says the band. Through the use of the return content that has been released, VIP (sebutan fans BIG BANG) is transformed into a puppet show including the new song’s narasi. At the same time, more mature music is being re-evaluated in the face of the resurgence of the K-Pop industry as a whole.

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Will Bigbang Make a Return?

It has been officially verified by both BIGBANG and YG Entertainment’s official accounts that the band will make their long-awaited comeback on April 5, 2022. BIGBANG will make a comeback, and it will be soon. To know more about upcoming seasons on Netflix, explore Ecthehub

Bigbang Still Life Teaser 4

A day earlier, the group released the first lyrics teaser, which featured a portion of the words. In the next week, on April 2, Big Bang released another lyric teaser, this time displaying the words, “After the rain recedes, there is a happy ending rather than despair and sorrows.”