Big Sky Season 2: Know Everything About It!


David Mudd

Big Sky was an instant smash for ABC, and the show was swiftly renewed for a second season after its premiere. The Highway-inspired crime thriller follows two private detectives as they investigate and solve murders in the Montana town of Big Sky.

So far, this is everything we know about Big Sky Season 2.

Big Sky Season Release Date

The season of Big Sky began on ABC on September 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In season one, Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 airs on Thursday nights instead of Tuesday nights.

A new season of Big Sky will premiere on ABC on Thursday, February 24 at 10 p.m. Cassie is on the hunt for the person who murdered her father, while Ronald is attempting to escape Wolf Legarski. The much awaited comeback trailer for the programme can be seen here.

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Big Sky Season 2 Cast Members

Big Sky Season 2

While several mysteries (such as the disappearing sisters and the Kleinsasser family) have been resolved, and some season 1 regulars have passed away, fans may anticipate the core group to return in season 2.

Bunbury (Cassie Dewell)

Cassie is a private investigator in C.J. Box’s novel Big Sky, and she works for the author. Cassandra and Jenny create a bond after Cassie’s boyfriend, Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillipe), goes missing and is eventually discovered killed.

Formerly, Bunbury appeared in Pitch, a Fox television programme about the first female Major League Baseball pitcher.

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Winnick, K (Jenny Hoyt)

Cody Hoyt, Jenny’s husband, is a former police officer who is estranged from her. Mom and Cassie join forces to find Cody, his girlfriend, and his sister after they go missing. In the second part of the first season, her ex-boyfriend, Blake Kleinsasser, seeks her for assistance.

In addition to Vikings and Wu Assassins, Winnick has been in other films including Big Sky.

Carroll, John

This year, JCL will be back in Big Sky! ABC announced at their Big Sky presentation at TCA that John Carroll Lynch will return for season 2 of Lost in Space (Television Critics Association). In response to Parade.com’s question about whether any additional first-season actors or characters will return for season two, Lynch made a surprise cameo. Merrillee Legarski, Lynch’s character’s wife, murdered Rick Legarski last season (Brooke Smith). If he returns as Legarski in flashbacks or as a new character, it’s not apparent.

Legarski gave birth to a twin last season. Suppose Rick is Lynch’s brother.

Pfeiffer (Denise Brisbane)

They employ Denise as a private investigator. David’s sister, Pfeiffer, is named after her. Founder and executive producer E. Kelley.

Geraghty (Ronald Pergman)

The Syndicate uses Ronald, a long-distance truck driver, to kidnap and transport young women. He and Scarlet are on the run at the end of the first season (Anja Savcic).

For the Chicago Police Department, Sean Roman is an officer.

Jesse Keitel (Jerrie Kennedy) Jerrie is a struggling singer who ends up in Ronald Pergman’s taxicab by mistake. Jerrie aids Cassie, Jenny, and Lindor in their investigations after their sisters’ rescue, and finally discovers Ronald. It has been announced that Keitel will be a regular character in season two.

A network TV show has its first nonbinary series regular in Keitel. Keitler employs she/her and they/them.

An arrest warrant for Ronald Pergman has been issued for Lindor (Omar Metwally), a US Marshal who has been assigned to Big Sky to assist in the arrest. Aside from Metwally’s promotion to series regular for season two, there is no word on the fate of US Marshal Lindor, who was shot during the final episode of season one.

He has appeared in Treadstone and The Affair on the small screen.

Anja Svcic

Scarlet Leyendecker’s character, Anja Savcic, will return as a regular in season 2 in her role as Anja Savcic. Seeing her play a kind mother to Phoebe excites us.

The Amazon series Loudermilk included Savcic’s character Claire Wilkes as Claire Wilkes.


There is a new series regular on Big Sky: Logan Marshall-Green (The O.C., 24, and Prometheus). Travis, Jenny’s “flirtatious previous face,” will be played by him in the film. As Marshall-Travis Green has been operating undercover in a local drugs network for so long, the line between reality and fiction has been blurred.” His shady activities and Jenny’s inquiry will come into contact in the future season. Their investigations and lives are in jeopardy because of their friendship, even as they strive to keep it professional.

Big Sky Season 2

Jenny may be harmed by the two remaining female Kleinsassers from season 1. Cheyenne even gave Jenny cupcakes decorated like scary lions. No one knows if this was an act of goodwill or a warning.

Despite the lone Kleinsasser survivor, the storyline appears to be on pause for the time being. Season 2 will not feature Britt Robertson or Michelle Forbes. As Molly Singer, Robertson is filming an indie film called The Re-Education of Molly Singer.

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Big Sky Season 2 Plot

During the first season, Cassie and Jenny are tasked with finding the men responsible for Cody’s death and a string of kidnappings that swept over the state. In spite of their initial reluctance to work with one other, they were able to save Cody.

A new mystery awaits Cassie and Jenny in Season 2. They have been through a lot together, so this is a foregone conclusion. In the vast territory of Big Sky Country, there are many thieves and murderers. Cassie and Jenny are expected to form a team to investigate unsolved crimes in Season 2.

“Big Sky’s” second season isn’t to be accepted at face value.” Season 1 was filled with surprises, and we should expect the same with Season 2. As a writer for Big Sky, Maria Sten tells Entertainment Weekly, “We’ve established that no one is secure in this universe, and a lot of horrific things happen in the backwoods of Montana.” Cassie and Jenny’s lives will be a little more complicated with the introduction of new characters and stories.”

Big Sky Season 2 Trailer