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Big Sky 2 | Release Date | Cast | Plotline And More


David Mudd

The Big Sky is an American mystery drama series for Television and it is created by David E.Kelley. Kelly’s work in Big Little Lies and Undoing Since Kelly’s name is associated here we do have high hopes regarding this show. Big Sky 2 will be a must watch!

Season 1 of the show impressed critics and fans alike and season 2 of the show is confirmed to release in this year only. Each season has 10 episodes. The running time of each episode was 44–46 minutes. The show is aired on ABC.

We have put together this piece to get you all caught up with the series with the latest happenings. 

Adaptation of Big Sky 2 

The series is based on CJ Box’s The Highway series.

Plot: Season 1 

The story is set in Montana. Two sisters, get missing from the highway on their way to Montana. Calls are made in this respect to Private Detective Cody Hoyt, his partner and love interest Cassie Dewell and Cody’s ex-wife Jenny Hoyt. These three must put their issues aside to solve the crime. 

A close investigation reveals that apart from these two sisters, there have been multiple kidnappings of women using the same way. Cody comes to talk to Trooper Rick, who works for highway patrolling. 

Then things take an unimaginably sinister turn. 

Things we like in season 1 

Beautiful Location 

First of all, the location chosen for the filming is amazing. The serenity and lush nature of the place are beautiful. It also might remind you that Sherlock Holmes once said that crime-ridden cities are far better than these remote, isolated locations where crimes would not even get noticed immediately. 

The Chemistry and performance

The actors shared really strong chemistry among themselves. They were natural, precise and presented a powerful performance throughout the season. An unforgettable performance was delivered by John Carroll Lynch as a highway Trooper. 

A psychopath on the hunt 

a glimpse from Big Sky 2
Featuring a still from Big Sky 2

Two young women, while travelling, crossed paths with a trucker. When they overtook him and drove past them, it made him angry and hungry for revenge. A golden opportunity arrives when the women realize their car was overheated and they must stop. This allows the Psycho trucker to catch up with the women to teach a lesson. 

A brush off with a psychopath never goes well and later events attest to this axiom.  The Kidnapped woman find another woman who was already abducted. The three discuss their plan to escape this hell. 

Each moment spent in the cage makes them realize it will not be easy to come out alive. 

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Season 1: biggest shocker 

the main lead actors of Big Sky 2
Starring the main lead actors of Big Sky 2

The biggest shocking moment of the show is that Cody Hoyt, the private detective, is shot point-blank in his car. It was a completely unexpected moment for fans and expert critics alike. It has once again highlighted the efficacy of David E.Kelley. 

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Season 2 

It is confirmed that season 2 is going to be there. It’s Kind of obvious though. When the lead detective gets shot from point black range by a person whom he considers to be his ally,  and victims are not yet saved, that leaves ample scope for a new season. 

Release date of Big Sky 2

Season 2 of Big Sky is supposed to premiere on 30th September 2021. 

Big Sky 2 Available on 

The original network of this series is ABC. It can be seen on Disney + as well.


The filming of Season 2 has been moved to New Mexico and so the location change should leave you watching out for a bit of a different scenario. 

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The Cast of Big Sky 2

the cast of Big Sky 2
Showcasing the talented and subtle cast of Big Sky 2

Ryan Phillippe as Det.Cody Hoyt 

Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell

Kathrine Winnick as Jenny Hoyt 

John Carroll Lynch as Highway Trooper Rick 

Brian Gerathy as Ronald, the highway trucker and psychopath.


Big Sky has already drawn on enough attention. Fans love the show and critics too, find it pretty entertaining. Murder Mysteries in the remote faraway locations is like a comfortable security blanket for viewers in a pandemic stricken world. And people are loving it. 

Let us know your thoughts on the show and share your expectations from season 2.