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Will there be Avatar 3? When is Avatar 3 expected to be released? Avatar is one of the most popular movie series of all time. The movie has crowned itself among the top-grossing films of the era. It will surely take ages for the films to reach the height of Avatar. After the successful release of the first part, the officials again hoped for the popularity of the film and released more such stories to be followed. 

It has been confirmed that Avatar 3 will be coming earlier this year. But it turned out that the filming of the movie was delayed because of the global pandemic. The fans are hoping to see the story and as the movie was already delayed, there were huge speculations regarding it.

It’s been 13 seasons since Avatar: The Way of Water landed in theaters. Now, the third part is already speculation. In this article, we’ll be going to hear everything about Avtar 3 in detail. Continue reading the article till the end.

Avatar 3 Release Date: When is it expected to release?

The movie was scheduled to release earlier but the release date was postponed to another date. The officials have confirmed that the release date for the movie will be released in cinemas in 2024. 

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The officials have already announced the confirmed release date of the film. Earlier, there was no confirmation regarding the movie date. Fans were concerned about the confirmed release date of the movie. Avatar 3 will be released on December 20, 2024. 

The release date for the movie was delayed by the officials because of the post-pandemic. Avatar 3 is confirmed to release on December 20, 2024

In December 2022, the official said,  “We’ve already done the bulk of the work. We still have to go through the whole finish process with Wētā FX on Avatar 3. But I’m pretty sure that we’re going to be back here in a couple of years,” 

The movie has earlier announced that there will be a threequel. The three movies had their release date earlier than the three sequels but it was later delayed. 

Avatar 3 cast: Who’s coming back for Avatar 3?

The movie won’t be happening without Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldaña as Neytiri. As the third part of the film has been confirmed, we would be going to see all the major characters from the film.

The second film gave a hint of the Sully family. Since we have known a little about them in the film, there is a major possibility that the upcoming art will take the audience to the history and the characters of the family that is forbidden in the second part. 

We saw that Neteyam (Jamie Flatters) was shot and killed in the second part. We don’t know whether he will be coming back in the future but there is a possibility that we might see some flashback scenes of him

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The other members of the family survived, meaning the third part will see Britain Dalton as Leak, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as Tuktirey, and Sigourney Weaver as Kiri, their adopted daughter, who is the biological daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine’s avatar.

We know that the third part will be bringing back Jack Champion as Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro. Along with him, there will be Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch, Cliff Curtis as  Metkina leader Tonowari, Kate Winslet will return as Ronal, and Bailey Bass will be back as Tsireya.

There are rumors that the third part might bring some additional characters into the film, meaning that the film will be experiencing some major changes. David Thewlis will be joining in a secret role, Michelle Yeoh playing Dr. Karina Mogue, Oona Chaplin as Varang, and, potentially, Vin Diesel as an unknown character.

Avatar 3 title Revealed: What it would be?

Avatar 2 or Avatar: The Way of Water? Well before the official title of the film was revealed, fans were wondering that the film would probably be Avatar 2. However, ‘ Avatar: The Way of Water’ gives a huge insight into the film. No, the audience is wondering what the third part would be. As of now, the officials have not released the title of the film. Avatar 3 is yet to get an official trailer for the fans. 

The title for Avatar 3 has yet to be confirmed, but we might have a good idea of what it’s going to be called. In an interview with Cameron, we learned from Cameron that the title of the film is under “consideration”. Many people are thinking that Avatar: The Seed Bearer might be a title for the film. However, it is yet to get a greenlit form from the officials. 

We probably won’t know for a while because the sequel’s title arrived after the release of the teaser. Avatar 3 will probably follow the same theme and this means we won’t be getting the title anytime soon.

Avatar 3 plot: What will Avatar 3 be about?

When Avatar: The Way of Water was released, the audience was highly anticipating it to lead to certain voids for the next film to happen. However, the film was fulfilling and the story wrapped up nicely, leading no strings to be followed in the next film. 

There are no details that can be followed in Avatar 3. In the second part, we saw that the Sully Family might have lost one of its members, however, they have become a part of the Metkayina clan. We also learn that Jake might be practicing to stand against the evils and read to save his family. 

This can be one of the hints from the officials for us to learn some details about the third part of the film. As he says, “This is our fortress, this is where we make our stand,” 

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One of the major speculations the movie has ended with us is regarding Kiri’s father. The fans are suspecting that the third party might question this and we will get to know about his father. 

In December 2021, Jon Landau, the producer of the movie explained, “At the center of each of our sequels is the Sully family. What are the dynamics that parents go through to protect their family? He also hints that all the four parts of the film will be “an even larger epic saga”.

In another interview with Digital Spy, we learned that there will be more things awaiting the fans to look for. In December 2022, the official said, “It’s more like episodic television in the sense that the characters are the characters. The characters have their problems, and those problems will persist, and they’ll get resolved over multiple films,”

“But the specific threat of the specific moment will always be resolved. And that’s our motif that we applied to these films.”

There is no official plot revealed about the film. We are looking closely at the film’s updates and if there is anything, we’ll let you know.

Avatar 3 trailers: Is there any official trailer released for the upcoming movie?

As the officials confirmed the film’s production and renewal, there are many speculations from the fans regarding the official trailer of the film. Sadly, there are no official updates on the details of the trailer. 

Avatar 3 is still progressing and the officials are still processing it. As soon as the filming has wrapped up, we will get the updates on the trailer. So, you need to wait until 2024 to see the trailer.

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