Bianca Belair Net Worth: Net Worth, About, Career, and Early Life!


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Her Net Worth

Bianca has had a thriving WWE career and is one of the wealthiest people in the company’s history. In the present year, she receives a salary of $550,000 per year.

She also makes additional money through merchandise sales and appearances on pay-per-view television shows, among other sources.

Bianca Belair About

WWE wrestler Bianca Belair (born Bianca Nicole Belair) is an American professional wrestler who now represents the company.

Bianca has also competed in track and field in the past. She made her professional wrestling debut in WWE NXT, where she competed for the NXT Women’s Championship on two separate occasions.

Bianca Belair Net Worth

Furthermore, after being promoted to SmackDown, the girl went on to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match in 2021. Following The Rock’s triumph in the Royal Rumble event, she became the second African-American superstar to win a Royal Rumble match.

At WrestleMania, she defeated Sasha Banks in their battle for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, making the two of them the first Black women to headline the event.

In addition, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked Bianca as the best female wrestler in the world in 2021, ranking her first among the top 150 female wrestlers.

This page covers all of the pertinent information about the professional wrestler that you need to know. So go ahead and read it all.

Bianca Belair Early Life

In high school, Bianca attended Austin-East Magnet High School, where she excelled in a variety of sports, including track and field.

A member of the track and field team, she competed in the hurdles. Bianca had a tumultuous six-year track and field career during which she attended three different universities.

In a similar vein, Bianca began her collegiate career at South Carolina University before transferring to Texas A&M University.

She did not participate for a year after completing her studies at Tennessee State University. In her two years at Tennessee, she was named to the All-SEC and All-American teams.

In a similar vein, the pro wrestler was named to the SEC’s academic honour roll as a freshman. As a powerlifter, she has also appeared in RX magazine, Femme Rouge magazine, and CrossFit magazine, among other publications.

Although Bianca enjoyed her CrossFit career, she was forced to retire because to intercostal chondritis, also known as shifting rib syndrome, which she had developed.

Bianca Belair Name’s Story

Bianca is referred to be “the EST of WWE” by her fans. Bianca has been going by this name since she was a member of the NXT roster. The “EST of NXT” was how she referred to herself at the time.

Fans of Bianca must be aware of how she came to be known as “Bianca” and how much she deserves to be called “Bianca.” The name, on the other hand, may appear to be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with wrestling and the WWE.

The abbreviation “EST” refers to the superlative degree, which means that Bianca is the “EST” of everyone. It doesn’t matter what Bianca is best at; she’s also the strongest, the fastest, the roughest, the toughest, and the fastest of them all. Furthermore, she is the most beautiful of them all. As a result, she is referred to as the EST of WWE.

After her first promo for the NXT, in which she characterised herself as “the EST of everything,” Bianca decided to stick with the moniker. It was the point at which she realised she had made it all the way.

Following the promotional video, she called her mother, who was also fond of the name. Furthermore, the phrase “EST of NXT” rhymed and sounded wonderful.

Bianca Belair Age and Body Measurement

Bianca Belair Net Worth

Bianca Belair was born on April 9, 1989, and is now 32 years old. She was born in the year of the snake, according to the Chinese zodiac calendar.

Her horoscope indicates that she is an Aries. People born under the sign of Aries are recognised for having a practical and graceful disposition. They also have strong opinions and are feisty.

It would not be incorrect to argue that Bianca Belair is a perfect match for the description.

Bianca is a confident young lady who stands at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 metres) in height. She wears a 32B bra size. She is approximately 64 kg in weight. Bianca is quite stunning, especially with her beautiful dark brown eyes and long black hair.

She has a well-maintained physique and a thin body shape, with breast measurements of 32 inches, waist measurements of 25 inches, and hip measurements of 35 inches.

Bianca goes to the gym and exercises on a regular basis to keep her body in good shape and to preserve its strength. She exercises out once or twice a day and follows a diet that is appropriate for her physical activity level.

Bianca Belair Professional Wrestling Career

Bianca entered her profile into the WWE prospects database not long after her CrossFit career came to an abrupt end due to injury. There wasn’t any real plan behind it; it was more of a whim.

After nearly two weeks, Bianca received a note from WWE veteran Mark Henry, who thanked her for her time. Bianca’s profile had been discovered by Mark, who had decided to give her a test. Bianca, on the other hand, was responsible for the remainder of the work.

After two official tryouts, Bianca was offered a contract by WWE on April 12, 2016, and she accepted. In addition, she was sent to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, where she is currently.

Blair made her professional wrestling debut on June 25 as “Binky Blair” during an in-ring stint at an NXT live event, during which she declared herself to be the “EST.” Blair has since gone on to become a household name.

Throughout her NXT career, she has defeated numerous opponents, including Dakota Kai, Candice LeRae, Lacey Evans, Aliyah, and Deonna Purrazzo, among others. The wrestler had an undefeated streak of 367 days at the time of his death.

Bianca’s final bout on NXT took place on the February 19th programme of NXT in the year 2020. During the match, she was defeated by Charlotte Flair, who had previously won the Royal Rumble tournament.

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