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BGT Viewers Outraged By Golden Buzzer Decision

BGT viewers are fuming at the choices of the judges in the latest episode of the show. Audiences have often disagreed with the choices of the judges in any reality show. The feelings of Britain’s Got Talent viewers after this Golden Buzzer decision is just another instance of this.

Britain’s Got Talent Viewers Wanted Magician To Get Golden Buzzer

Fans were hoping that a magician named Richard, better known as his stage name of Magical Bones, would get the Golden Buzzer nod. His act simply stunned audiences watching at home.

It was quite extraordinary, too. He seemed to teleport from one part of the stage to another. That on its own is jaw-dropping. However, Magical Jones went one step further. He wanted his act to have a bit more flair. So, he teleported across the stage, in front of everyone… with a completely new set of clothes.


BGT Fans Thought Magical Bones Deserved More

Even describing it here in words fills me with disbelief. I can also understand the frustration that the fans are experiencing at not seeing him get the Golden Buzzer. All four of Britain’s Got Talent’s judges – Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Williams and Alicia Dixon – did give Magical Bones a yes.

He will be back for the next round with another act. However, viewers felt that he deserved more. They felt that he deserved the Golden Buzzer and qualification to the live shows directly. People on Twitter were up in arms about this, and they made sure that everyone knew it.


Amanda Holden Did Award The Golden Buzzer For A Different Performance (BGT)

Another reason for their uproar was that another act on the same night did, in fact, get the Golden Buzzer. Honey and Sammy, a mother-daughter singing duo, were the ones who got it. Amanda Holden was the judge who gave them the Golden Buzzer. Their rendition of Freya Ridings’s Lost Without You moved Holden to tears.

Their story is quite emotional, though, so it’s understandable why they got the Golden Buzzer. The daughter of the duo, Honey, spoke about why this performance was important to them.


“In the last couple of years, my mum got diagnosed with cancer,” she said. “It’s been a tough couple of years and to be here with my mum is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

This decision may still upset audiences. However, it’s completely understandable why the power of their story and their performance would lead to them getting the Golden Buzzer.

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