Beyoncé Closed Down Fashion Week in New York



As New York Fashion Week came to an end, the gods were grinning down on a Bushwick warehouse.

In addition to the typical suspects in the industry, a large number of stylish young people had assembled to view Luar’s Fall 2024 collection in the frigid venue. The Ana briefcase bag was a must-have for fans of the brand, and the crowd exuded an uncanny coolness.

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Not only are designer Raul Lopez’s shows consistently delightful due to his distinct irreverent and deconstructed designs, but they also exude a certain “chaotic good” feel that has returned to New York Fashion Week in recent years. But something really crazy happened tonight.

A disturbance emanated from the distant end of the main runway as the attendees settled in and the talks became quieter. A lot more whispers were heard, and some people got up from the benches to investigate. “Beyoncé is fucking it!” exclaimed someone.

The Queen was in the home, after all. One could sense the humor. She carried an oversized, iridescent Luar Ana bag, of course, and donned a beaded suit dress, cowboy hat, and mirrored sunglasses.

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Alongside her mother Tina Knowles, Mrs. Carter took a seat, while her sister Solange Knowles took a seat farther down the runway close to designer Christopher John Rogers. The family was present to witness Daniel Julez J. Smith, Solange’s son, make his stage debut.

Beyoncé saw her nephew walk the runway wearing a double-breasted, long-line leather suit with a white shirt and tie, amid the cheers of the crowd and her head bobbing to the music. A superbly fitted exotic skin peplum maxi skirt, an oversized version of a traditional lady cardigan, and a denim swing skirt and jacket with peaked shoulders were just a few of the collection’s outstanding items.

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The complete look was as aggressive as ever. In addition, Lopez unveiled a new essentials line that will sell for less than $500 and included t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and leggings. The collection also marked the beginning of a partnership with Moose Knuckles.

As the show came to a close, the audience stood and applauded. Everyone in her wake was left looking disheveled as Beyoncé and her entourage of security officers hastily fled out the back. Not only was the audience in awe of Lopez, but they were also in awe of Beyoncé. This designer has put in a lot of effort and years of work to establish his brand.

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Now that he’s so well-liked in New York, maybe the rest of the globe will see him the same way, with a little assistance from his fairy godmother from Texas.