Between Season 3: Everything You Need to Know About It?


Aditi Deshinge

The Between Season 3 is a science fiction drama. It was made in Canada. This drama was made in May. The show is made for teens and its first look is aired on TV. The show was firstly aired on City TV.

But now, there is good news, the show has given its rights to Netflix so that people outside Canada could able to watch the show.

Between Season 2

The show contains two seasons and each season is made up of 12 episodes. The time for each episode is about 40 to 45 minutes.

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The show had received a 6.0 out of 10 rating on IMDb. The show is made by Michael McGowan.

What is the Story of Show Between?

This series is related to Minister’s daughter who is expecting a baby. The home town shown in this series is small and its name is Pretty Lake.

Even though trying their best, the town is facing some mysterious illness or some epidemic that has attacked the area. Due to this illness people who are over 21 are getting died.

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The start of the show was well featured and dramatic. The plot of the story and the acting by the cast is really excellent. But there is a big question regarding season 3 of the series. So fans of Between Series are eagerly waiting for the news.

Trailer of Between

Check out the trailer of Between which was based on pandemic situation which is we are facing nowadays.

Who Will Be the Cast for Between Season 3?

The cast for the earlier season contains well-known actors. Wiley Day was played by Jennette McCurdy, Gord played by Ryan Allen, Ronnie Creeker played by Kyle Mac, Melissa day was played by Brooke Palsson, Adam Jones played by Jesse Carere and Chuck Lott junior played by Justin Kelly.


But according to reports, McCurdy would not be seen in Between Season 3.  This is because she had quit acting a few years back. Actress had also said that she is doing acting because her mom wants her to do so. She was not interested in acting.

She was acting just to make money for her family. So unfortunately she quit the acting industry.

What We Can Expect From the Story of Between Season 3?

The story of the series is about a small town which is named Pretty Lake. The town is affected by some mysterious deadly disease. The disease is killing the residents of Pretty Lake. But in this show, the creator had shown different ways to save mother earth from such outbreaks.

The show also shows how the outbreak is affecting young people and killing them off. This type of situation is really vulnerable for everyone.

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The show also focuses on, what is the meaning of quarantine and how to separate themselves from other people. For now, this is what we are dealing with due to the global pandemic.


But this all is just an overview regarding the series Between. There is no clear announcement regarding the third season of Between so ultimately the story is also in the shell for now.

What will be the expected release date for Between Season 3?

Sadly, we did not hear anything about the release of the series yet. It’s been five years since the second season of Between but unfortunately, there is no news regarding the release or renewal of Between series.

Mostly, it has not been cancelled but there is also no kind of news regarding the release of the series.

Most often Netflix is pretty much clear about their original series and also their plans are clear about what to do next with a particular show. On Netflix, we have seen plenty of cancellations or renewals of series but they mostly after a few months and not after years after ending the show.

So, now it’s been five years so it is good to say that, the series had ended here and McCurdy had given us a hint by telling us about quitting their career.

Is the Trailer for Between Season 3 Launched?

The makers of the series are not saying anything about whether the show is going to come up with season 3 or not, so what we can expect or say about Between Season 3?


Both the seasons of the show had received some bad reviews from critics. But still, the show has an ample amount of its fan base. Some people don’t like the storyline of the show. So the makers of between will create the third season in keeping in mind the viewers of the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Between Will Come Up With Its Third Season?

The science fiction drama Between made its debut in the year of 2015. The show is coming back with its new season. Here is all news regarding the Between season 3. With its third season, the show is coming back.

Does Between Season 3 Have Been Cancelled?

Even though the show is not officially cancelled by the makers but there is also no news of renewal or making of Between season 3. The last episode of the show was aired on 4th August 2016 and from then there is no news regarding Season 3.


The Between science fiction drama is made by Canadians. The show had received a 6.0 out of 10 rating on IMDb. And now fans are waiting for its third season eagerly but unfortunately, there is no kind of word regarding Between Season 3.