Best Strategies To Boost Website Performance


Mohit Kamboj

Improving the performance of your business website is one of the best things you should do to ensure success. Of course, you have to prioritize user experience. UX is a preliminary factor which can make or break your business operation. Every user should not wait longer when opening web pages inside your website. When it takes time to open the website pages, it can lead users to look for a new website that can provide their needs.

Low-speed websites are a big NO for business people. Hence, this must be your top priority. Along with this is the significance of modal web design. What is it? Simply put, a web modal refers to a dialogue box which dictates the users of your site what to do next when opening a particular web page. The main or parent screen fades out, and there is a call-to-action text that directs and instructs the user regarding a specific course of action. After acting based on a particular instruction, the web user can go back to the parent screen.

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Aside from using a modal website design, you can as well implement any other related strategies which can lead to ultimate growth and success. This is the focus of this blog article. You will learn here the different strategies on how you can bring your website to the next level. Through this particular process, you can hit your goals and objectives.

Why Is It Important to Boost Website Performance?

Before going into the specific details of how you can improve the performance of your biz site, it is quite necessary to know the main reason why boosting website performance is ultimately important. Remember that 47% of users, more or less, anticipate your website to load quickly. Just a few seconds as much as possible. Load speed is the primary factor that can help your website rank high on the search engines, like Google.

Website performance implies the speed of your site when it opens a web page based on the search or query of a particular website user. It has to perform great because, if not, that particular user will look for a new content provider. The most important idea you have to understand is that your website is a provider of relevant content. People use keywords to find the solution they badly need. The moment a particular web user opens your homepage, for example, your website must perform as fast as possible. At least, after 5 to 7 seconds, that particular content page will be open.

There can be an increase in the number of leads to be attracted to your website when it is working favorably on the needs of the users. User experience is a big factor, to say the least. That is why you have to boost the performance of your website because it implies one thing – your site works to please each and every user.

Failure to realize this goal can cause drawbacks and setbacks. Of course, you don’t want any trouble with respect to your business operation, do you? Hence, make sure that you can help your website perform better than its competitors.

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How to Boost the Performance of Your Website?

Discussed below are the specific scalable strategies on how you can bring your brand to the next level through having a great business website performance.

Find the Perfect Web Hosting Provider.

This is the first step here. You have to find the right hosting provider that will host your website online. No business website can operate on the web without a web host. This is a prerequisite. You have to understand the fact that every web host provider does have a unique baseline performance offer. Understanding the different packages related to web hosting services is very important. This is through this way where you can elevate your brand to the next level. The three most common website host servers are Dedicated Server, Shared Server, and Virtual Dedicated Server.

Of course, what you should find is one that can perfectly match your capacity and needs. Don’t be shocked that when you ask each and every web hosting service provider available on the web right now, all of them will tell you that their web hosting services are the best. That they have the fastest web hosting servers. Don’t just be trapped by the flowery and sugar-coated words of those web hosting companies operating online. You need to be very careful in choosing one. Hence, you have to read online reviews and testimonials, and, at the same time, you should evaluate the website and online portfolio of the different candidates.

Anytime, you can change the provider of website hosting. But, as much as possible, you should not resort to this approach. Why? It’s neither risk-free nor hassle-free. Choosing the right web hosting service provider is so crucial for your business success. This will lead you to ultimate growth and success. Your website performance will not be compromised when you have the right web hosting provider on your side.

Use Cdn or Content Delivery Network.

Clustering of servers is the answer to the problems caused by cluttering of websites being served by a single host. This is where CDN plays its very important role for a successful website performance. The typical example of a content delivery network is when your site is located in the U.S. but it is served by a web host in the UK. The UK web hosting server is the one that caters to the needs of your website across the web network.

What is CDN? It stands for content delivery network. More often, the bottlenecks of your website performance are caused by the cluttering of the main server. What does it mean? When a single server hosts a lot of websites, there is a tendency that the bandwidth of that server has been divided by a lot of users.

Using CDN is very important because it can help in reducing the load that is usually suffered by a shared server or a single server that hosts multiple websites. At the same time, you can improve the loading speed of your website. Attracting a lot of website users (visitors) is possible when you have the best content delivery network. This is very advantageous, so to speak, for your website. It will then be translated to a well-boosted website performance.

If Possible, Avoid Landing Page Redirects.

This is not good for your website to have landing page redirects. Keeping the users happy every inch of the way while using your site is crucially necessary. This is a must-do strategy if you want your website to perform great. Your website performance is the main indicator whether or not you can achieve your biz goals and objectives. So, avoid including redirects to your landing web pages.

It is a conventional technique to include landing page redirects. It was believed to help a website owner on the aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). This was evident particularly to fit in the needs of the mobile browser users. However, this was the thing in the past. At present, there is a newly revolutionized system that can help your web pages perform better without including web landing page redirects. At present, all you need is just a single version of your web pages that can work across all possible screens (desktop and mobile devices).

Not including the redirects to landing pages is a very important rule of thumb. This is one of the top strategies which can help your website performance become better than others. Take note that each web landing page redirect can hinder your way to success. If you want to improve your page loading time, then you have to follow this rule of thumb.

Dns (Domain Name System) Must Be Reduced.

This is another strategy to improve the performance of your business website. You have to reduce the DNS lookups. Each time a web user commands a particular keyword, the web browser will look for results, right? Then, Google, for instance, will process the query and will produce a URL through a particular internet protocol (IP) address. You should minimize DNS lookups because they are not good as far as page loading performance is concerned. Every query should perform so fast. However, the presence of many resources is not really good for your website performance.

The question now is: How to reduce DNS lookups? A great question given. Certainly, you can reduce those lookups by using a CDN (as stipulated and explained above), by enabling DNS prefetching, and by deferring loading time for specific non-crucial JS (JavaScript) files. Performing all these techniques can produce favorable results. If you want to make sure that there is a consistent source of every file for the web users, you should have to host the so-called third-party scripts and resources. Doing this strategy can make your website performance great.


There are more business opportunities to come your way when your website is trusted by a number of satisfied users. Every time a specific user opens a web page on your site, he or she has to be satisfied. One of the top secrets here is about the responsiveness of your website. When your site loads fast, then it is highly probable that your business website will be recognized by many.

Now, therefore, you need the help of a professional web design company. Entrust the entire process to a trusted and credible agency. Hiring the best and most suitable firm to cater to your needs is a great investment. Your website needs to perform better than your business competitors’ websites. Follow the strategies discussed above. For sure, you can hit your goals and objectives. And you should also remember that using the right modal web design is effective in increasing the number of website leads (visitors and users).