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Best Korean Horror Movies


David Mudd

Best Korean Horror Movies: Catch The Best Horror Movies here!

Korean movies related to romance, horror or thriller are increasing day by day and in this article I have brought some of the best horror Korean Movies and I know you will love it when you watch these movies. In 2021 a thriller and horror Korean series came out and I am expecting that you already watched that one and that is Squid Game.

Do you like Squid Game games in which different life thrilling and horror games are played by the contestant and the winner will get the maximum amount in which is added in the big bowl. In the series they all fight to win the cash prize so that one person can live his whole life in a piece with a high standard.

Along with Squid there are many movies which you can watch in which you see ghosts, monsters and many horrific things. Let’s start with Korean horror movies

  • The Housemaid 1960 movie

It is a horror movie which follows the Kim Dong-sik family whose wife is pregnant and he wants a woman for his wife to do household work. So they decided to hire a woman and that woman did everything to set the family and take the family to the extremely dangerous path.

Best Korean Horror Movies

The movie is horrifying, which is loved by the audience.

  • 2003 Movie- Oldboy

It is a good horror movie to watch and the fans love the ending of the movie and Oldboy follows the story of a man named Oh Dae-su who is a prisoner and his cell is good like a hotel room but Dae didn’t know who is behind putting him in the cell. When he is out and enjoying his freedom he still feels the same trapped feeling in a relationship with chef Mi-do and he lives like a trapped man in an extreme state when he is with a sushi chef.

  • A Tale of Two Sisters

It is a 2003 movie and a popular movie at that time and the story is based on the fairy tale “Janghwa Hongryeon” movie in which you will see many turns and twists. The director also made other movies after this, a Tale of Two Sisters and gives you more like A Bittersweet Life, The Good, The Bad, The Weird and many more.

Best Korean Horror Movies

The story follows the young who came home from the mental hospital with her sister but after coming home she was shocked with the uncovered past secrets of the family which are revealing day by day which disturbs her more.

  • The Host

The host is the best horror movie of 2006 and in the host film you will see a monster who is eating all the local people of that area and then abducting the daughter of Military pathologist who accidently made the sea monster by throwing chemicals into the Han River and with the combination of waste and chemicals this monster emerges who became dangerous to the life of his daughter and he wants to save his daughter and stop this terror which already started growing in the locals.

  • Train to Busan

Best Korean Horror Movies

It is the 2016 horror zombie film. The action and the scary zombies in the movie is loved by everyone and it is a high speed bullet train movie from Seoul to Busan. Fund manager, Seo Seok-woo and his daughter are travelling in this high speed bullet train to avoid and escape to become zombies like others.

There are many other movies you can watch like The Gangster, the Cop, The Devil which is 2019 movie, and the latest 2021 movies like- The 8th Night, Guimoon: The Lightless Door, Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming, Hypnosis, The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey, Midnight and Show me the Ghost.



I hope you will loves these korean movies and some of the latest horror movies and also read and watch other web series or movies on Trendingnewsbuzz.com