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Best Horror Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime Right Now

In the times of pandemic, people are not sure what to do! The whole world is in lockdown right now. People are scared, anxious and in high tension. In this time, technology is the only thing that has kept us alive.  People are switching over streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and so on for search of entertainment. 

This is the best time to watch spooky movies and experience thrill. This will help in forgetting the tension of the outer world and give you chills down the spine. 

Though there are numerous horror movies to watch on Amazon Prime. Here are the best ones that will help you pass your quarantine:

  1. The Descent: 

    Neil Marshall directed this movie and made it a milestone in the horror genre. After Game of Throne, this director has managed to make another gem with the help of his understanding and exceptional skills. This film tells about a group of friends going for an extreme sport but ends up risking their lives. This movie is full of thrill and horror and makes the audience stick to their couches.


  2. Anna and the Apocalypse Amazon Prime: 

    This is a Scottish gem that only a few people know about. This movie covers the story of high school teenagers. Anna and the Apocalypse not only has a holiday spirit and teenage drama but also is a remarkable horror-comedy. This movie tackles all the funny bones of its audience. The actors, directors and the whole team has done tremendously well to engage their audience

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  3. Climax Amazon Prime:

    Climax is a dance horror movie full of energy, spectacular performances and more than incredible technical showmanship. This is the story of a modern dance group in 1996. They go to a community centre for practice and party through a winter night. This night becomes the most horrifying night of everyone’s life and the events after this gets worse. 

  4. The Ring: 

    The poster of this movie is enough to scare you away. This movie has always been one of the first horror movies of all time. The concept, acting skills and makeup of the characters are ready to blow away anyone’s mind and soul. This movie got lots of appreciation due to its beautiful tone and terrifying elements in it.

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