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Best Free DNS Servers Of 2020: Alternative Domain Name Services For Personal And Professional Use

Domain Name System (DNS) is the system that translates your website names into IP addresses. IP addresses are required to access any sites and devices over the internet. It will be automatically provided by your Internet Service Provider whenever you connect to the internet. But the DNS provided by the ISP may be very slow sometimes. This causes lag in loading websites and sometimes you cannot even access any sites at all.

Here where a free public Domain Name System server comes for help. It will make browsing more responsive and reduce chances for technical problems. Some premium services can also protect your connection from phishing and infected sites. Besides, some offer content filtering for different kinds of users. All these are helpful things from Domain Name System providers. Beyond all these things, you need to select the perfect Domain Name System for your network. Not all Domain Name System providers are better than your Sevice Provider. Selecting the best Domain Name System is always helpful for you in many ways.


Paid DNS Are Always Better Than Free

Every service will become better together with your payment. That is, you get what you pay for. Here also it is the same. You can get a free domain name provider and it may be good. However, it can never compete with a paid Domain Name System. The need for a paid DNS depends on the use and needs of the user. They might not need a premium DNS according to their use, even though, a paid DNS will always stand as a better choice.

Some Of The Best Providers

The speed of Domain Name System depends on many factors like location, distance to the nearest server along with servers power and bandwidth handling capacity.



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