Best Bitcoin Mining Applications for Android Devices


Sandeep Singh

The blazing android cryptocurrency mining journey is straightforward as the process only demands an android device’s digital currency mining application. However, numerous publicized bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining applications enable users to mine digital currencies. You can also visit to get better trading calls in Bitcoin trading. Specifically, experts advise budding cryptocurrency miners to use their android for mining those digital currencies that are minable from a CPU.

For example, Monero, a valuable private currency, is one most famous CPU minable digital currencies. Undeniably, mining applications enable miners to mint digital coins like Bitcoin, but the profitability is questionable. However best cryptocurrency mining applications on the play store can assist budding miners in availing immense profits in their desired mining journey. The best applications for your android device in terms of cryptocurrency mining are listed.

ECOS Miner

ECOS Miner acquired popularity as a cryptocurrency trading platform, but now it is correspondingly acquiring traction for mining services. Besides allowing cryptocurrency miners to mine with the help of their android device, this platform correspondingly enables the miners to lease mining hardware like ASICS. ECOS came into the marketplace in 2017, and besides offering cryptocurrency investment and mining services, the platform is famous for offering comprehensive services regarding digital currencies. The cost of subscribing to this mining and cryptocurrency investment platform is $50.


SHAMING is not a dedicated mining application for android devices, and it’s a cloud mining service provider. The concept of cloud mining is not very famous in the mining community as people rely on their computing powers rather than the rented ones. However, SHAMINING has made cloud mining extremely popular and effortless. You can buy the basic service plan of this platform for $250.

Miner Gate

In terms of the popularity of mining applications, miner gate always tops the table as it is a highly preferred mining application by digital currency enthusiasts. Miner gate comprises a wide variety of digital currencies that you can mint. Miner Gate mobile miner offers the easiest to utilize mining software and user interface. Miner Gate has a user base of almost 3.5 million. The digital currencies are available to be mined with the help of this mining platform on the android device also incurs bitcoin and Ethereum.

Miner gate has helped many android miners to make money with bitcoin mining and Ethereum mining, which is nearly unprofitable with the help of an android phone. Other famous coins that are easily minable with the help of this mining application on an android device are Monero and Monero Classic.

Miner gate is willing to add many digital currencies structured around the proof of work consensus mechanism. Unlike the above-listed cloud mining applications, the miner gate is freely available on the play store.

Boleh Miner

Similar to miner gate, Boleh miner is another famous digital currency mining application. When it comes to the user interface, Boleh miner always tops the table. The mining application does not require a dedicated setup as you merely have to create a user account on this mining application. The mining application does not demand a hardcore gaming processor on the android device.

In short, it is not necessary to have a flagship android device to start cryptocurrency mining with the help of Boleh miner. The hashing algorithm existing on this mining application includes securing hashing algorithm 256, egalitarian concept, script, and others.

Jivx Miner

Jivx miner is a bitcoin mining dedicated android based application. The unique selling point of this application is that you can operate this mining application even if you are not connected to the internet.

This mining application comprises a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange that enables instant withdrawals. Similar to miner gate, the digital currency present in this mining application provides many features. For example, with the help of Jivx Miner, a mobile miner can mint digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and a few others.


Both miner gate and Jivx are free android mining applications, but Digmine is not free of cost mining applications. Digmine mining application comprises a dedicated mining application, and it provides utter encryption to every transaction executed with the Digmine cryptocurrency wallet.

The above-listed portion has defined the best bitcoin mining applications compatible with android devices.