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Best Apps to Study Math

For the longest time, pupils have had that love-hate relationship with math. It is an essential course when it comes to education, but almost every student sees it as a complicated process. Right from elementary school, some parents would employ a tutor just to make this lesson easier for their wards.

Even down to college, older students have a hard time in math class and only put up with it because it is crucial to earning their degree. However, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are several ways to gain this knowledge without putting yourself under stress.

Thankfully, in this age of modernization, the internet has provided so many avenues by which pupils can get help with math, no matter their grades. You can post difficult college math questions and get immediate assistance with math from students and experts alike. On some platforms, that is how it works. Students like you can give you an instant math solution for free, or you can pay experts for faster and more reliable answers.

Aside from the hundreds of platforms like this, there are also downloadable math apps that can help you get a better grade or pass your exam in flying colors. Let’s take a look at some of these:


Unlike writing essay term papers, university students see mathematics as a different type of difficulty. It shouldn’t be so. Not with apps like MalMath. One of the most advantageous benefits of this academic software is that it is free. This means you don’t have to break the bank to use it because the offline capabilities are wondrous.

How Does This Work?

All you have to do is post the math questions you find difficult to solve on this site. After clicking submit, the app will provide you with a detailed description of the answer, along with a graph, if necessary. The amazing thing is, it just doesn’t write out answers; it shows you how to get those solutions by yourself. This is a great app for those looking to start a career in mathematics.

Talented and Gifted

Talented and Gifted is a comprehensive learning app for kids aged from 2 to 10 which helps the little learners explore the world of math and master topics ranging from matching and counting to fractions and geometry. The lessons provide a gamified learning experience through their engaging videos, interactive worksheets, assessment quizzes and games.

How Does This Work?

All parents have to do is select the appropriate grade level for their child, and the app will guide them through a structured course comprising various types of activities. Learners gain rewards after they complete a task, and these rewards can be exchanged for cute accessories for Eddy the Elephant. To keep parents up to date with their kid’s progress, the app emails them a weekly report.


When you talk about math for students, the photomath app is one essential software to mention. As the name implies, all you have to do is snap a math problem, post, and get an instant solution.

Math can be burdensome coursework for college students, but Photomath offers step-by-step answers to every issue you might have.

How Does This Work?

The app is a camera with built-in software for analyzing equations. When you log in to the app, you point the camera at any equation you want to solve, then scan. The answer appears on your screen within a few seconds, with extensive steps. Class teachers usually recommend this app to students who find the subject a little difficult to comprehend.

Khan Academy

This is one popular platform currently offering academic assistance to millions of students worldwide. With Khan Academy, you will get audio presentations, video lessons, offline handouts, and many materials to assist your learning process. The best part? It is free.

It doesn’t have to be math, as you will find solutions to every educational issue regardless of your faculty or department.

How Does This Work?

This app acts more like an online tutoring platform. You can personalize your learning process and go through the library of materials at the best pace for you. The platform leans strongly towards STEM and Mathematics content, and there is no limit to the courses you can take.

King of math

This platform is for a younger audience. It teaches the basic research concepts of mathematics in a fun and adventurous way for kids and young adults. This app allows you to use your brainpower in solving equations and improves analytical thinking without putting stress on the learner in any way.

How Does This Work?

This platform was designed in the form of a mathematics game with lots of fun and flair. You start as a simple farmer and level up by correctly answering math questions. This app has been downloaded about 10 million times and translated into multiple languages because teachers and parents see how crucial it is to their children. The gameplay in this virtual reality is divided into multiple worksheets called a book, and players can level up from farmer to King by using their brainpower.

Geometry Pad

Not to be a writer of doom, but geometry has to be one of the most difficult subjects for high school students. They fail to understand the concept and formulas behind it, which might cost them a lot when it comes to grades. Thankfully, digitization has figured everything out. With apps like Geometry pad, kids can now get extensive and personalized knowledge of this subject online.

How Does This Work?

With this app, you can create the basic geometric shapes, analyze their properties, and make calculations on them. A simple and coordinated system allows you to look at these images in great ways; you can scroll and zoom seamlessly. You can also learn in groups which is very crucial in the classroom. You can share and exchange ideas effortlessly with your mates with the app.


Another useful invention to help students overcome their math anxiety is MathWay. It is another invaluable tool that lets users check their knowledge, access important methodology, and improve their understanding of this subject.

How Does This Work?

You can use this app in different ways. Like in Photomath, you can use the camera icon to take a picture of whatever equation you are finding difficult. Tap submit, and the answer will immediately show up on the screen. Other methods include writing out the questions directly or using the microphone icon to speak about the problem. Either way, you will get instant solutions


Mathematics has been the cause of anxiety amongst students for a long time, but in this age of technology, students should learn to maximize the resources available. Improving your knowledge might not be the easiest, but you will only get better with these apps.

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