Best Action Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime


Mohit Kamboj

When it comes to home video releases, action movies consistently rank high. Watching individuals accomplish unbelievable feats is a popular way for viewers to zone out, relax, and unwind. If you have an Amazon Prime membership and are interested in doing so, the service’s extensive library has some of the finest action films ever produced.

The Courier

What you have here is your typical run-of-the-mill tale of a salesperson caught in a nuclear crisis, but it’s as thrilling as betting at Asian bookies. The Courier, a film with excellent scripting and acting, is based on the true life story of Greville Wynne, a seemingly ordinary British businessman.

A CIA agent and an MI6 agent enlist his aid in retrieving Soviet nuclear missile blueprints. Greville meets with Oleg Penkovsky, a guy with substantial information regarding Soviet war plans and nuclear capabilities, in a covert meeting while in Russia.

Gangs of Lagos

Directed by Jadesola Osiberu, “Gangs of Lagos” is a realistic crime film set in modern-day Nigeria. Gangs of Lagos is an intriguing narrative of childhood friends who grow up in a dangerous neighborhood and do what they must live in modern-day Lagos, Nigeria.

In Gangs of Lagos, we see how these young people’s upbringing as fighters in violent gang conflicts affects their interactions with one another and the bonds they form. Gangs of Lagos is a must-watch, thanks to its excellent score, captivating plot, and stellar acting.

The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z relates the tale of actual explorers who became lost in the 1920s in the enormous jungles of the Amazon. It’s also a beautifully filmed film, finding aesthetic value in the unfamiliar settings in which it’s set. The stunning scenery leaves you breathless, yet you can’t help but wonder why the characters would risk everything to visit these places.

The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War, a recent Amazon original, is a lot of fun thanks to its abundance of over-the-top action and explosions. In the film, we watch as a time-traveling team from the year 2051 lands in the present and begins to enlist the help of anyone they can find. Anyone willing to go to battle with an extraterrestrial race that is more formidable than any other potential enemy humanity has faced.


Allied is a surprisingly strong example of the type of spy thriller that was commonplace in the 1970s and 1980s. The movie follows two operatives in World War II who fall in love and decide to give up their secret lives together.

However, when one spouse suspects the other of eavesdropping on them, the mood rapidly becomes gloomy. While Allied does have some exciting action moments, the film’s strongest suit is its ability to maintain a tight mood throughout.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins

Snake Eyes, often considered the greatest of the GI Joe films, ditches the traditional military plot in favor of a more grounded, nonviolent martial arts storyline. Henry Golding plays Snake Eyes in Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins, a documentary about the GI Joe villain’s early life. Snake Eyes is a welcome revitalization of the GI Joe film franchise, with stunning visuals and action sequences that will have audiences on the edge of their seats.