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Below Deck Season 10: Will the New Instalment Air in Early 2023?


David Mudd

Following a committed fan base since its debut in 2013, the Bravo reality television show “Below Deck” has been captivating audiences by revealing the relatively mysterious world of yachts and boating aficionados.

Throughout each season, the show’s crew of deckhands, stewards, and even a chef has managed to juggle never-ending drama while attending to the needs of demanding wealthy guests onboard a luxurious mega yacht. The team, despite these limitations, is able to deal with the stress and demands of filming in some of the most gorgeous settings on the earth, according to The Cinemaholic. These locales include Thailand, St. Martin, and the Virgin Islands.

Reportedly, the concept of showcasing drama and elegance onboard a big yacht was devised by Rebecca Taylor Henning, a former yachtie who is now working as a reality television producer on the show, according to Vulture.

The most obvious idea for “Below Deck” came from a conversation Henning overheard while on holiday in St. Martin with crew members on board a super yacht about the different love entanglements taking place below deck, as reported by Boat International. The years after Henning overheard this exchange have seen a slew of interesting, dramatic, and romantic entanglements take place on the Bravo television show.

Below Deck Season 10 Premiere Date

Below Deck Season 10

In accordance with the network, Season 9 of “Below Deck” debuted October 25, 2021, and ended on February 7, 2022. Every episode in the ninth season is around 42 minutes in length, and there are 15 total episodes in the season.

Here’s all we currently know about the next season as it relates to football. A decision on whether or not to renew “Below Deck” for a new season has not been made by the network as of yet. However, the show has become a staple on Bravo, thanks to Captain Lee Rosbach, who doesn’t appear to be interested in leaving the ship’s deck at all.

Because of the series’ broad popularity, five spin-offs have been made as a result of its success. Aside from that, the show consistently manages to hold the attention of its audience, whether it’s through a hot kiss between Fraser Olender and Jake Foulger or inebriated charter passengers misbehaving with the crew.

“Below Deck,” despite Kate Chastain’s departure from the show in the seventh season, has been a big ratings engine for the Bravo network since its debut in 2008. Despite the fact that some of the scenarios that are played out do not always meet with the approval of the audience, the show continues to be a popular choice among viewers.

When comparing the ratings for the following season to the eighth season, the ratings for the following season were slightly lower. With 1,398,000 viewers tuning in to watch what occurred in episode 4, Season 9 of The Walking Dead has the largest audience of the season.

The show may be returning as a result of this, according to recent reports. The filming of ‘Below Deck,’ which takes place between the middle of February and the end of March, takes an average of six weeks. However, following the release of the channel’s new series, ‘Below Deck Adventure,’ the pattern may be slightly different. With one additional show put into the mix, the debut of ‘Below Deck’ could be pushed back by several months, according to some sources. Season 10 of ‘Below Deck’ is expected to premiere in early 2023 as a result of this development.

Who Is Returning Back in Season 10 of Below Deck?

To clarify, the only returning cast members for Season 9 were chef Rachel Hargrove and bosun (now first officer) Eddie Lucas. As reported by Express, Season 8 of the show included a bevvy of new characters.

Below Deck Season 10

As a result, it’s probable that some of the show’s prior favourites, such as Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain, will not be returning to make space for new characters to leave their imprint on fans around the world. It is conceivable that fans will be introduced to even more new cast members in the future as a result of the aforementioned developments.

A notable absence from Season 9 was Captain Lee Rosbach, who has served as the loving and stern captain of numerous crews throughout the show’s history. He was relieved to be back onboard “My Seanna” after a series of heated exchanges with his temporary replacement and the rest of the crew.

The reason behind Rosbach’s absence from the show was explained in a recent episode of “Below Deck.” A confessional part on the episode revealed that Rosbach was born with an irregular heartbeat disease known as AFib, which she had never known about until recently. “I was born with an abnormal heartbeat issue known as AFib, which is when your heart will randomly go into an irregular beating,” Rosbach explained.

During my hospitalisation, they used lasers to remove sections of my heart that were causing difficulties. “My Seanna,” which ran from 2009 to 2011, was a hit with Rosbach despite the fact that the show’s ninth season was a disappointment. During an interview with E! Online, Rosbach remarked, “It’s unlike any previous season that we’ve had, and I had a terrific time with it.” Rosbach is a writer for the show.

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Will Kate Chastain Return to Below Deck?

The popular Bravo series “Below Deck” was officially shut down in 2020 after six seasons of managing stewardesses. Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain expressed her desire to pursue a more secure, landlocked living in New York City in her formal resignation announcement.

Following a particularly heart-stopping event on the show, in which fellow crew member Ashton Pienaar punched a van window with other crew members while having an argument with the chief stewardess, Chastain explained that she made the decision to officially leave the show and yachting after that incident. During an interview with Decider magazine in January of this year, Kate revealed that she was “afraid, but also in shock” (via Us Weekly). It seemed like I was stuck in a scenario from which there was no way out, even if I wanted to. “I pretended to be a possum, simply freezing and keeping immobile for the duration of the performance.”

Chastain made the official announcement on her Instagram page that she would be leaving the show in February 2020, according to the publication. “After many months of internal discussion, I have decided that this year will be a year of transition in which I will begin to carve out a progressive new land-based job,” Chastain wrote in a statement posted on Instagram.

My intention, in my capacity as a senior member of the Below Deck Family, is to stand back and work toward becoming financially self-sufficient while remaining completely dedicated to His Majesty Andy Cohen. She indicated in an interview with Us Weekly that her return to the show would be contingent on being compensated a “substantial money,” and that she would only return to save the day if she was called in at the last minute to fill in as head stewardess on the plane.

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer

Season 10 Trailer is not available so watch its season 9 trailer which is given below-

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