Belle Movie: an Anime That Beautifully Depicts the Sci-fi World With the Twist of Music!


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Global distribution of Belle movie, contemporary music as well a Sci-fi version of Beauty and the Beast, was planned. Everyone was waiting for Belle, an eagerly anticipated film directed and written by well-known anime personalities and Academy Award nominee Mamoru Hosoda.

It is indeed true that this specific tale has likely been retold in enough movies to endure a lifetime. However, if we need an additional one, it could equally be made by a different director, like Mamoru Hosoda.

We all enjoy the eponymously named “Belle,” which combines the old and the new, and has been set to give the traditional fairy tale a contemporary anime update. By including some extremely pertinent and ongoing issues only with the internet, which must come as no surprise to anyone who is acquainted with Hosoda’s research.

What Was the Release Date of the Belle Movie?

Belle Movie

The movie had its global debut on July 15, 2021, at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The critics gave the movie applause for 14 minutes. The movie had its theatrical debut on July 16, 2021, in Japan.

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The movie has been licensed by GKIDS for distribution in North America around January 14, 2022, including select IMAX theatres hosting previews on January 12, as well as Anime Limited releasing it in the UK on February 4, 2022.

Additionally, Belle is indeed the third-highest-grossing Japanese movie of 2021, with box office receipts of 6.53 billion as of December 12, 2021.

What is the Storyline of the Sci-fi Anime Film?

Belle Movie

Suzu Naito, the seventeen-year-old high school girl from the remote Kōchi Prefecture of Japan, has always been passionate about singing and songwriting but has since lost that love.

Suzu developed resentment toward her mother for “having abandoned” her in favor of a stranger’s child as nothing more than a result of witnessing her mother risk her own life to save a child from a raging river as a young child. Suzu also lost her ability to sing.

Despite her best efforts, the incident has caused her to grow apart from her father; however, she has remained close to a group of elderly choir teachers who’ve been her mother’s friends.

Apart from her close friend as well as self-appointed guardian Shinobu Hisatake, popular girl Ruka Watanabe, athlete classmate Shinjiro Chikami, also known as Kamishin, and her brilliant best friend Hiroka Betsuyaku, she is estranged from the majority of her peers.

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Suzu joins the well-liked virtual metaverse called “U” at Hiro’s advice and develops a lovely avatar with beautiful freckles she calls “Bell,” which is the English translation for her given name. Suzu discovers she can sing once more after signing into U.

Freckles are initially seen as a flaw in Bell’s looks, however, after making multiple public appearances whilst singing and with the help of Hiro—who has designated herself as both Bell’s manager and producer—Bell quickly would become a major star.

After her rise to fame, she begins to be referred to as “Belle,” which is French for “beautiful.” The infamously powerful and virtually unstoppable player simply known as “The Dragon” aka “The Beast” violently interrupts one of Belle’s performances and wrecks it.

This causes a vigilante group lead either by self-righteous Justin to start looking for the Dragon since they believe he’s causing trouble in U. Justin intends to reveal the identity of the Dragon using a sophisticated application. Suzu is drawn to the Dragon and starts learning more about him.

She learns that kids love him and see him as their hero, especially a shy youngster named Tomo who made headlines along with his siblings and father after losing his mother.

While avoiding Justin, Belle explores the U for the Dragon. She eventually encounters the Dragon with his five guarding AIs after being sent to the Dragon’s secret palace by an enigmatic angel avatar.

Belle as well as the Dragon get along better despite their difficult beginning. Suzu learns that Ruka has a crush on someone while she is still in the real world.

Suzu wrongly thinks that Shinobu seems to be the one who Ruka likes because both of them are perhaps the most popular kids at school until Ruka later confirms that the person she likes was Kamishin. Ruka as well as Kamishin were able to declare their affections for one another with Suzu’s assistance.

Who Are the Voices Behind Those Musical Characters?

Belle Movie

The primary character in the Belle movie, who is essentially a stand-in for Belle and is known by the real name of Suzu Naito, is voiced by Japanese vocalist Kaho Nakamura.

Shinobu Hisatake, portrayed by Ryo Narita, is a close friend of Suzu’s who expresses concern for her. Although he enjoys great popularity with females because of his participation mostly in a school basketball team, he nevertheless exudes mystery.

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The solitary member of something like the school’s canoeing squad who still is aiming for the nationals is Shinjiro Chikami, played by Shota Sometani. Despite having a sincere and direct heart, he frequently alienates others because of his dedication to his aims.

Ruka Watanabe, the alto saxophone in the high school concert band as well as a young lady with the appearance of something like a fashion model, is voiced by Tina Tamashiro. She is just the kind of flawless girl that draws admiration from everyone.

Rira Ikuta makes her voice debut appearance as Hiroka Betsuyaku, a close friend and dependable counselor of Suzu. Her acerbic wit has been refined through several internet communications.

Trailer of Belle!

Let’s enjoy the trailer of this amazing anime.


What is the IMBD rating of the Belle movie?

The IMBD rating of the Belle movie is 7.2/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the Anime film?

The estimated runtime of the Anime film is 2 hours and 1 minute.

Who is involved in the Production of the anime?

In order to complete the project, Studio Chizu enlisted the assistance of experienced Disney animators as well as character designers Jin Kim, and Michael Camacho for the creation of Belle, with Studio Cartoon Saloon again for the creation of the world’s backdrop.


By experimenting with many alternate realities and timeframes, Hosoda’s work frequently explores issues to be present in two places at once. By taking into account the two identities of its own werewolf lead, even his movie Wolf Children used this idea.

With nearly identical early moments, Belle’s premise resembles that of Hosoda’s Summer Wars, the virtual-reality story that uses an apocalyptic event to warn against further technology.