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Bella Poarch Net Worth: Relationship, Career, Upcoming Music And More



Bella Poarch is one of the recently popular TikTok who went viral within a day, If someone has asked you about Bella Poarch before her infamous video of M and B, no one has predicted her, Thanks to TikTok we have come to know about some of the very talented people around the world. 

Back in August 2020, Bella uploaded a TikTok video M to the B by Millie B and the video instantly hit millions of views, the TikTok never believed that she could make such a promising video at that time. Earlier, Bella had released videos but when they hit only 100 views, she later deleted them. 

But her lip-syncing video was something that she never expected to hit millions of views. Bella Poarch became tremendously famous among the people. The celebrity gained more popularity after she released her music video. Even after two years, she has the same fandom and she is growing day by day. Her fans want to know everything about him. Besides everything, does TikTok pay anything to Bella Poarch? 

Bella Poarch is one of the celebrities on TikTok and she has 53 million followers and 650 Million plus likes.

Net Worth

Bella is already a famous artist who got her popularity after her TikTok video got viral. She gained instant fame but over the years, the TikTok star has grown in her community and achieved millions of milestones. Besides this, the fans are curious to know about her actual pay and her net worth. The fans want to know how much she gets after getting famous overnight. 

In 2021, Her Net worth was estimated to be 2 Million dollars but according to a recent report, the celebrity has already grown over the years. At this time, she has a net worth of 5 Million dollars. In the upcoming year, she has tons of new projects coming on. 

Earring Source

Being famous for TikTok makes her instantly famous on Instagram. The celebrity has been growing since the start and has already achieved a milestone on Instagram. Most of her earring is from the sponsorship that she gets. 

She is also a social media influencer and is often seen promoting many beauty brands. Besides this, she has recently signed a contract with Fortnite and we saw her character in the game. It’s been said that her normal sponsorship pays her around $20,000 – 50,000 Dollars. 

Moreover, Bella has also entered into pop culture and with her first song released, fans have already seen that she has much more talent besides making amazing tik tok videos. After her song got famous, she gained more popularity and this has added more to her bank balance. 

She has also talked about her singing and said, “I feel like I found my family, and part of that family is the label,” Bella said in a statement to Billboard at the time. “When I looked up some of the artists that meant the most to me musically like Prince, Dua Lipa, and Madonna, I realized Warner has helped all of those people along the way too. So I’m very honored to have a family that gave me a chance and believes in me.”

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Bella Poarch became famous after her TikTok video gained millions of views. Earlier, she was in the Philippine Naval force and used to serve the nations for some time. Later, she got out of there and started to work on her own. She joined TikTok and started to upload videos on the trending songs, Her unique lip-syncing style attracts the audience and when she released the video lip-syncing  M to the B by Millie B, she gained huge popularity. 

When the video was uploaded, Bella never thought that she would have gained so much popularity. Within a few hours, the video earned millions of views and became the most liked video on TikTok. Fans started to stalk her profile and started to recognize her. Bella took this opportunity very seriously and she started to work hard on the tik-to videos, within her spare time, she became one of the most famous TikTok and had huge popularity. 

She didn’t stop there and started to work harder for her future. She also started to post quite often on Instagram since it is one of the highest-paying platforms for content creators. 

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Boyfriend and Relationship

Bella Poarch has kept her dating life a secret for quite a while now. She has not been rumored to be with anyone and there is no news about her relationship. 

Recently, she has been rumored to be in a relationship with Tyga, the rapper. However, it turned out that the video has some other couple and fans assume this after looking at the appearance of the girl. The girl in the video has different tattoos and has different hair colors and besides all, she has a completely different skin tone. 

At the time of writing, there are no updates regarding her relationship. And even though she is in a relationship with anyone, she has never publicly disclosed about them. We are waiting for the official to get more details and we will make sure to let you know.

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Favorite Quotes

  • Japanese culture is something I’m heavily inspired by. I fell in love with a lot of that culture, especially when it comes to fashion and art.
  • In the military, I had to do my hair every morning. I had to put it in a bun and I can do it in two minutes easily. The military also taught me how to be a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect.
  • The difference between Philippine makeup and U.S. makeup is that Filipinos don’t like foundation or thick makeup.
  • My mother used to pack me Filipino food for lunch, and I would get made fun of because of the way it smelled. Kids would make fun of me because of the way I looked and call me ‘Ling Ling.’
  • The first video I ever uploaded was of me singing, and it only got 100 views, so I took it down right away. So when ‘M to the B’ got a million likes in a day, I was in shock. I would never have imagined something like that.
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