Bella Hadid Enters the Fragrance Industry with the Well-Known “Orebella” Fragrance: All the Details



Bella Hadid is entering the perfume industry. The 27-year-old supermodel has released her perfume, Orebella, and it’s quickly becoming popular on social media thanks to its striking shapes, distinctive aromas, and “shake to activate” feature! For all the details, including how Bella started it, continue reading.

Orebella has really been in the works for almost five years, as Bella disclosed on Instagram prior to the brand’s official launch on March 30, 2024.

The creator of the fragrance was inspired to create a perfume in 2020 while her family was under quarantine in Pennsylvania and she would frequent her neighborhood health food store. Her family farms there. Her own mixtures, which she had been purchasing natural ingredients and oils to test on her skin, will eventually serve as the basis for her new fragrance brand.

With the formal debut of Orebella on April 30, 2024, Bella Hadid introduced three alcohol-free scents: Window2Soul, Salted Muse, and Blooming Fire.

Bella said to Glamour, “I never thought I’d put out a product.” “There are a ton of [items] available nowadays, but a few years ago, it felt incredibly fated. On our farm, we already produce a lot of lavender oil, and from our tiny health food store, I would acquire glycerin and other strange essential oils.

When I made items, they would smell incredibly distinctive. I would add ginger and peppercorn, followed by a tiny squeeze of lemon, if I wanted to add some spiciness. Then all of a sudden I’m fully engaged in this cycle of creating all of these intriguing smells.”


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She added that what “differentiates” her perfume from other goods “that are out there right now” is the idea of “shake to activate.”

Bella said, “The bi-phase formula—shake to activate—was a cool theory we thought of a couple years ago.” “The simple act of applying it to your entire body after a shower, or even going to bed at night and being able to use it on both your significant other and yourself, leaving your skin feeling fantastic afterward,”

The model revealed in an interview with Glamour that her sister Gigi Hadid and mother Yolanda Hadid were her hardest critics to please!

She informed the outlet, “These are two tough critics.” However, not negatively at all. While my mom enjoys a more floral scent, she is not a huge fan of sweets. In addition, my sister like Blooming Fire and Salted Muse.

At the end of the day, Blooming Fire was a tribute to [Gigi]. Growing up, she would travel to Tahiti with her friends, which was one of her favorite locations. There, she felt completely at home. One of my favorite scents is the Tahitian Manoy flower that we have in Blooming Fire.

Officially, the perfume line will launch on May 2 at Orebella.com and on May 12 at Ulta Beauty locations nationwide.