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Belgravia: Can We Expect A Second Series?

Belgravia season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

What is Belgravia About

A periodical drama Belgravia, directed by John Alexander, Belgravia comes off as a stunning depiction of elite Europeans of the past.

With an insanely talented cast, Belgravia notches a decent review and has been aptly successful in engaging viewers for yet another season.

The place having a monarchy isn’t actually real but that doesn’t take away the fact that there IS a place named Belgravia, pretty close to London.

Downtown Abbey, Game Of Thrones and Outlander are a tad too hefty to keep up with.

But when it comes to Belgravia, you automatically slither down for its storyline is as smooth as butter.


How Was Belgravia Born Into Effect

It is an adaptation from a novel with the same name, written by Julian Fellowes.

The series was first broadcasted on the 15th of March, 2020 and is still running.

The show has a particular significance regarding past events, for instance, the opening episode showcases the Duchess of Richmond’s ball.

This is apparently link to the actual ball, host by the Duchess named Charlotte, in 1815, just one night before the infamous Quatre Bras war.

Herein, we see two families, notably posh and reserved, settling in because of an apparent marriage of their children.

Season 1

The story begins twenty-five years post this incident. Every secret, every trial, every tribulation is kept shush under piles of nuances and hypocrisy.

It practically follows the lives of two families, the Trenchards and the Brockenhursts, who have been hiding a pretty dark secret which might change the lives of those around them.

Having a total of six episodes, Season 1 has been receive with affection and inquisitiveness.

With a setting of a 19th-century boulevard, Belgravia thrills fans all over, who are, as a matter of fact, hopelessly excited for Season 2.


People have started tweeting about the perpetual ending of Season 1 and how they can’t wait to see what happens next!

Belgravia Season 2

Let me brief you, there’s this guy named Charles, whose mother, Sophia had died right after giving birth to him.

He is extensively given away to some other family and people think that he is born out of wedlock to Sophia and Lord Bellasis.

The creator had said his novel wasn’t that long, so he is having an issue elongating episodes for another season.

But I’m certain a season renewal will happen by either end of 2020 or early 2021, given, everyone is stuck at home, without any means of exceeding production whatsoever.

I mean, we still have a few storylines left to explore, don’t we?

For instance, the love affair between Susan and John, illegitimate that is; Charles Pope being a threat to John Bellasis, and Pope and Grey’s relationship.

Excited to find out? Likewise!



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