Behind Every Star Season 2: What is Renewal Status of this K-Drama Show?



Korean Drama Series are massively popular all around the world and with the release of series like Behind Every Star, viewers have become more encouraged to watch it. Romantic comedies are massively popular Throughout the world and we know that the Korean series has already released some of the best series that have proven their legacy.

Series like Crash Course in Romance, Live Up To Your Name, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo are the reasons why people admire romantic comedy shows around the world. Behind Every Star is a popular series which is inspired by Call My Agent! by Fanny Herrero.

The majority of people have already watched the first season of the show and now they are ready to see what the next part of the show will look like. After seeing the tragic ending of the series, people are excited to check out the details for the season. Two. Here is everything you wish to know about behind Every Star Season Two in detail.


Genre Romance, Comedy drama
Based on Call My Agent!

by Fanny Herrero

Developed by Hong Ki-sung (tvN)

Kim Young-Kyu (Studio Dragon)

Written by Park So-young

Lee Chan

Directed by Baek Seung-ryong
  • Lee Seo-jin
  • Kwak Sun-young
  • Seo Hyun-woo
  • Joo Hyun-young
Music by Gaemi
Country of origin South Korea
Original language Korean
No. of episodes 12
Executive producers
  • Yoo Sang-won
  • Jang Shin-ae
  • Choi Chang-oh (CP)
  • Park Ho-sik
  • Jang Jae-won
Editor Im Seon-kyung
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 65 minutes
Production companies
  • Studio Dragon
  • Baram Pictures
Network tvN
Release November 7 – December 13, 2022

Behind Every Star Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

 Being a popular South Korean drama series,  fans are waiting to know the confirmed release date of the show. the first season of Behind Every Star was released in 2022 and ever since then, fans have kept themselves on the waiting list. We already know that Korean drama series cover a major portion of entertainment shows and there is no doubt that viewers are always on the urgent to learn more about the series.

Produced by Studio Dragon, a popular production company that has released some of the best K dramas around the world. If you are wondering about the renewal status, we are unaware of the current status of the show. The renewal status for season 2 is currently pending and if there is any information about it we will make sure to let you know.

Neither the season 2 of Behind every star is confirmed nor canceled and that is the reason why everyone is super interested to know about it.  If the creator of the series renews the show, it is likely to release in 2024 or 2025. 

Behind Every Star Season 2 Plot: What to Expect with it?

The official synopsis of the show says, “The story is set around Method Entertainment, which is a major management company, and depicts their work lives, personal lives, and desires. Ma Tae Oh works as a professional manager and holds the position of general director at Method Entertainment.

He is smart and gentle, but he was born to be a strategist, and he doesn’t mind using all sorts of tricks to achieve what he wants. Cheon Je In has worked as a manager for 14 years. She started as an on-site manager, and she now works as a leader of a manager team. She is competitive and a workaholic.

She is hot-tempered, and when she sets a goal, she will try to achieve it without careful thinking. She and Ma Tae Oh have many disagreements along the way. Kim Joong Don is Cheon Je In’s best friend at work, and he holds the same position as a leader of a manager team. He is a gentle person. So Hyun Joo is a rookie manager and often makes trouble at work. She grows as a professional manager through her experience.”

Behind Every Star Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

While there has been no confirmation regarding season 2 of the show, you need to see the cast of the series that is likely to be there if there comes any update on the renewal status. Check out the cast of the series and find out more about it.

  • Lee Seo-jin as Matthew / Tae-oh
  • Kwak Sun-young as Chun Jane / Jae-in
  • Seo Hyun-woo as Kim Jung-don
  • Joo Hyun-young as So Hyun-joo
  • Shin Hyun-seung as Go Eun-gyul
  • Jung Hye-young as Song Eun-ha
  • Noh Sang-hyun as Lee Sang-wook
  • Kim Young-ah as So Jung-hee
  • Shim So-young as Shim Myung-ae
  • Kim Gook-hee as Yoo Eun-soo
  • Kim Tae-oh as Choi Jin-hyuk
  • Hwang Se-on as Kang Hee-sun
  • Choi Yeon-gyu as Choi Won-jae
  • Lee Hwang-ui as Wang Se-ja
  • Lee Ji Hye as Amy – Ceo of director Talundinor
  • Kim Won-hae as Cho Ki-bong
  • Moon Hee-kyung as Kang Kyung-ok

Behind Every Star Season 2 Official Trailer

Looking for the official trailer? The official trailer for any series gets released. Once the show has already completed its announcement. At the time of writing neither the production nor the confirmation regarding season two has been released.

During such times, it becomes super difficult For us to predict the upcoming season of the show. Till any further notice, we advise you to watch the official trailer for season one and find out everything regarding the show

Where to watch the show?

The first season of the Korean drama series is officially released and people have watched the official trailer for the show. If by any chance you are new to the series and are eager to stream the show, it is officially available on Viki to stream.

The streaming platform has already released some of the popular Korean drama series, including and if you have not streamed them then we Are here to help you out. Go through our official website to find out the latest updates regarding your favorite show.

What are the ratings of the show?

Are you looking for the ratings?  Whenever we talk about any series we need to go through online ratings to find out the dynamic of it.

Before concluding this article we would like to add the ratings that have helped the series to generate more popularity. to know more, here is what you need to know.

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Final Verdict

Viki is one of the leading platforms That has some of the best series all around the world. Behind Every Star has already been a popular series on the platform and has become one of the highly streamed shows for viewers to watch.

Are you excited to learn more about the series? If you have any doubt regarding the show then comment down below to find out the latest details. Our website, trending news buzz is one of the popular websites that has covered all the major events around the world. Share this article with someone who loves watching the drama and let them know about the future of the series.