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Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2: All The Latest Updates That You Can’t-Miss:

Bee and Puppy Cat is an American animated fantasy dramedy web series that was written and created by Natasha Allegri. The series was produced by Fred Seibert, Eric Homan, and Kevin Kolde; and it was directed by Larry Leichliter.

The first season of the series consists of a total number of 10 episodes with episodes ranging between 5 minutes to 10 minutes in length.

The series rotates around the story of a young woman named Bee who is an unemployed woman in her early twenties. Bee came across a mysterious creature known as Puppy Cat, who is a dog and a cat.

She adopts this dog-cat hybrid, and they both go together in a chain of temporary jobs to pay off the monthly rent to the landlord.

Initially, the series originated with a web pilot in the year 2013 which was followed by the first season of “Bee and Puppy Cat” which was released from 2014-2016. It will continue with a second season which has been titled “Bee and Puppy Cat: Lazy in Space”.

Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2: Release date

A sequel to “Bee and Puppy Cat” was confirmed in the year 2017 by Federator. And in October 2020, it was announced that the “Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2” which had been leaked online is scheduled for a release on Netflix in the year 2022.

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Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2: Voice Cast

There is no official statement about the cast of “Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2” but definitely it will remain the same.

  • Bee voiced by Allyn Rachel (Bee is a 22-year aged woman who was fired for sleeping in the job and while returning home she was hit on the head by a mysterious PuppyCat who suddenly landed from the sky)
  • PuppyCat voiced by Oliver (PuppyCat is a mysterious creature that is both a cat as well as a dog, and he is the companion to the main character Bee. PuppyCat can talk and he can be used as an energy cannon)
  • Temp Bot voiced by Roz Ryan (also known as the Assign Bot who is a temporarily employed agent for Puppy Cat)
  • Deckard was voiced by Kent Osborne (Deckard is Bee’s friend, neighbor, and the previous co-worker. Deckard works as a prep cook at the cafe from which Bee was fired. Moreover, Deckard has romantic feelings towards Bee)
  • Cass voiced by Ashly Burch (Deckard’s roommate and sister. Previously Cass also worked with Bee and her brother at the Cat Cafe. Now, Cass works as a freelance Computer Programmer like her brother)
  • Cardamon voiced by Alexander James Rodriguez (Cardamon is a young boy who is also the landlord of Bee. He is very mature in his age and takes care of his mother whom he described as “Princess”)
  • Toast voiced by Terri Hawkes (Toast is the wrestler who was ranked 11th in Cass’s former wrestling team and she holds a grudge against Cass’s departure because her departure leaves Toast to be the lowest-ranked wrestling member in the team)

Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2

Ratings the Show Received:

Netflix show received a pretty good response from the audience and gained true followers. “Bee and Puppy Cat” was rated as 8.2 out of 10 by IMDb, 4 out of 5 stars by Common Sese Media, 8.2 out of 10 by Rating Graph, and 8 out of 10 by IGN.

Where to watch Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2?

Until Bee and Puppy Cat Season 2 is released on Netflix, you can watch its first season which is streaming online on the Cartoon Hangover channel on Youtube.

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Concluding Words:

Well, it is expected that the series will be back on Netflix in 2022 yet the exact date has not been revealed. We will update the concerning section when the makers reveal anything about it. Till then, stay connected with the website for all the updated series information.

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