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Fans who have watched the first season are eagerly waiting to hear if the show will be renewed for a second season and when is Bed Friend Season 2 release date. The Bed Friend show tells the story of King and Uea. They become friends with benefits but eventually develop romantic feelings for each other.

Release Date Of Bed Friend Season 2

As of the current moment, Bed Friend has not received confirmation for a second season. The chances of Domundi approving a second season are quite low.

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Despite Cutie Pie receiving a second season, we cannot guarantee that Domundi will continue the romantic tale of Uea and King.

Cast Of Bed Friend Season 2

  • Siraphop Manithikhun portrays the character of King Kunakorn.
  • Supamongkon Wongwisut plays the role of Uea Anol.
  • Parnupat Anomakiti portrays the character of Mongkol.
  • Teetut Chungmanirat plays the role of Gun.
  • Sorntast Buangam portrays Bas.
  • Tom Ratchaneekorn Phanmanee portrays Uea’s mother.
  • Thanatchaphan Buranachiwawilai plays the character of Muay.
  • Pharinyakorn Khansawa portrays Jade Jetanipatis.
  • Hymn Elicha Rungrueangsiri plays Pock.

Recap Of Bed Friend Season 2

Uea is a graphic designer employed by an agency. In comparison to his vibrant and colorful peers, he views himself as an ordinary employee. Uea maintains composure despite the gossip and chitchat that prevail in the office. He has a good friendship with Jade, another kind-hearted graphic designer.

bed friend season 2 release date

King, a flirty coworker in the IT department, and Uea do not get along. Uea finds King’s arrogant and carefree nature annoying and frequently rejects his flirtatious advances. At work, they have a fairly unpleasant relationship because Uea treats King like any other employee.

Uea has a difficult relationship with his family and lives alone in an apartment. Although he and his younger sister Tonkhao get along well, their mother, who is homophobic and always begs for money, strains their relationship. Uea grudgingly provides financial support for his mother. He also disapproves of Sorn, the new husband of his mother.

Ueais suffering from a recent breakup and stress from family troubles. He drinks heavily on a company outing. King invites Uea to his house because he is the only sober person there, and they have passionate s*x. Uea wishes to forget their experience and regrets it the next day. However, King wants to keep their connection going despite their agreement to keep it hidden from their coworkers.

Spoiler Of Bed Friend Season 2

While it hasn’t been officially announced, fans of Bed Friend are hopeful for a second season that continues the story of King and Uea. If a new season is produced, it would be exciting to see if the couple’s relationship progresses smoothly toward marriage. There could also be potential conflicts arising from King’s mother, adding more drama and challenges for the couple to overcome.

It would be intriguing to explore the storyline of King and Uea planning their wedding and dealing with the challenges that arise. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and it would be interesting to see how the couple handles the pressure.

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Even if a second season is not planned, fans can still hope for a special episode centered around King and Uea’s wedding. It would be exciting to witness their long-awaited union and see them live happily ever after. Additionally, it would be heartwarming to witness the support of their coworkers and friends as they come together to celebrate the special occasion. For more good series and more good shows on OTT platforms, you chose from this list.

Rating And Review Bed Friend Season 2

Bed Friend is a show that features entertaining and exaggerated s*x scenes that are meant to be funny. The good-looking actors add a seductive touch to each romantic moment. However, the storylines are distasteful, as they often include inappropriate and hurtful behavior.

bed friend season 2 release date

The show also handles sensitive topics poorly, which can be triggering and offensive to some viewers. The  IMDb rating of office seductive romance is 7.6/10 ·

Where To Watch Bed Friend

Right now, you can watch the Bed Friend series on the WeTv network. It is also available on iQIYI with full episodes and English subtitles. The series has been quite unpleasant to watch. Some viewers may find the seemingly endless bedroom scenes intriguing, but they rapidly grow boring.


It is really distressing when Uea is either being beaten by his mother. Being tortured by her by being imprisoned in a toilet for hours while he sobs, being attacked by his “uncle,” or having his ex try to r*pe him is gross. The plot may depend on these elements, but it’s likely that they were discussed rather than graphically displayed on the screen.

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