Is Becky G Boyfriend, Sebastian Lletget?


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According to sources, caught up with Becky G at Mercadito de Colores in Los Angeles to discuss BoxyCharm’s partnership with Mexican-American singer Becky G and their “pretty nice” connection. The 24-year-old singer spoke with PEOPLE about the arrangement, which she described as “really nice.” She also highlighted why she created the Treslce collection in order to encourage Latina women like herself.

She adds she and her LA Galaxy player partner Lletget, 29, have regular conversations about their Latinx identities and how lovely it is to see how he has become closer to her family and friends as a result of their shared experience.

“He has the ability to communicate with my forefathers.” What a charming little thing. “It’s something you should try because it’s a genuine treat,” she says. “I believe that when someone can relate to your cultural heritage, it creates a new kind of bond. Even within the Latinx group, there are a variety of distinctions to be found.”

Becky G Boyfriend

“I believe there is a lot we can learn and share with one another in terms of culture.” His status as an honorary Mexican has now been established, she continues, chuckling. “He is, in fact, correct. “Everyone in my family is absolutely supportive of him.”

About Becky G and Sebastian

Lletget’s “honorary Mexican status” may be put on hold, however, when the United States National Soccer Team takes on Mexico! ) (The two teams competed in the Gold Cup earlier this summer.) Prediction: In extra time, the United States defeated Mexico 1-0.)

“I want to be clear that the United States is not the only country that I support. I’m pulling for you to be successful. “However, if Mexico is defeated, I will be sad!” she exclaims, laughing.

“Because we’re neighbours, many of our young people, particularly Mexican-Americans, are confronted with this issue. We were Mexicans when we arrived in Los Angeles. Mexicali was the setting. As a result, we regard ourselves as Mexicans.”

Sebastian Lletget‘s boyfriend, Becky G, describes him as being ‘completely loved’ by her family (Instagram, Twitter). ‘It’s a Sweet Thing,’ says the narrator.

“Mexico has always been a strong ally of mine. “The United States of America was never on my side,” she continues. “I guess,” I thought as my lover began to play. Maybe.’”

Becky G believes that the interplay of cultures, and her makeup brand in particular, is what distinguishes them from the competition. Following the success of films such as “Shower,” she states that she was constantly scolded by Mexican media for not speaking outstanding Spanish, and by American media for being “too Mexican.”

“We’re constructing a bridge, and every brick matters. It’s not without its challenges. The beginning of my career was fraught with identity conflicts as I was torn between feeling like I belonged in both the United States and Mexico “She states the obvious. “

‘It’s too tiring for me to be in the middle.’ How do I get by?’”

“Creating our own universe where we can be our authentic selves was a key lesson for me. the brand-new generation of Americans “adds she.

Spanglish is how I imagine myself, and it’s what I hope for in my dreams. I dream in both English and Spanish. To tell our young people, “You must choose,” when we connect with both isn’t fair.

Treslce’s purpose is to showcase other Latinx creators and to promote her culture with individuals outside the Latinx community, and she believes this is an essential part of that mission. You can get the BoxyCharm October basic box, which includes the cosmetic brand, for $25.

According to Becky G: “Creating Treslce, to me, was more of a dedication to the community, and being a vessel for other Latinx innovators and artists.”

“To me, Tresluce is an open welcome to everyone, not just those who live in the immediate area. Learn about us in a non-stereotypical, non-specific way. Authenticity.”

As Make up Artist

Becky G Boyfriend

‘When I was a young Latina, a lot of gender standards were placed on me in terms of what a lady is meant to be, look like, and sound like,’ she goes on to explain. We’ve decided to put our disagreements aside and work together to crack open those crates as a result of this. It has a lot of power, in my opinion.”

Becky G was a member of the CoverGirl family when she was a little girl, and she has continued to work in the beauty industry ever since. According to her, it was a “significant learning curve,” but it was also “one of the greatest privileges.” Prior to creating her own cosmetics business, she was a member of the ColorPop creative team.

If you’re solely interested in a Latina face for your company, she says, “I wasn’t interested in that,” she says. As the artist put it, “It’s past time to demonstrate that we are entitled to ownership and creation, and that we can participate in all aspects of life.”

Becky G’s Treslce brand is included in BoxyCharm’s October basic box, which costs $25.

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