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Beat Shazam Season 5: Is Beat Shazam Coming Back 2022?

Beat Shazam is a musical game show that was first shown in the United States on Fox on May 25, 2017.

Alongside Jeff Apploff, who co-created the show with Wes Kauble, Mark Burnett, Rich Riley, Lauren Zalaznick, and Barry Poznick, Jamie Foxx presents the show and works as an executive producer for it.

On July 12, 2017, Fox announced that it would be renewing the series for a second season, and the next season debuted on May 29, 2018. The show has been picked up for a third season by Fox, which will begin airing on May 20, 2019.

The show was renewed for a fourth season on January 31, 2020, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch date was pushed back to June 3, 2021. The fourth season was originally scheduled to begin airing later that year.

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On April 5, 2022, the show was given a green light for a fifth season after receiving a renewal.

The storyline for the fifth season of Beat Shazam

In the show, there are three teams of two people that compete against one another in a total of four rounds (five in the first season), each of which requires them to recognize songs or bank money for the other team.

In the first season, following the conclusion of the fourth round, the squad that has accumulated the most points is compelled to compete against the Shazam app in an effort to improve its chances of winning.Beat Shazam Season 5

Before the app could recognize them, they were required to name anything from three to six songs. The sum of $1,000,000 USD will be awarded to the team that is victorious over the Shazam app. In the opening round of Shazam! In season 2, each song comes from a different category; this round is known as the Shazam Shuffle.

The championship round is an ordinary round, comparable to the fifth round played during the inaugural season. In the third season, the number of rounds in the Shazam Shuffle was cut from seven to five, and the rules were changed once more to make the game more intriguing.

The Performers of Beat Shazam’s 5th Season

The show has not been picked up for a fifth season at this time. Therefore, there is no way for us to predict who will take part in this season to name songs and compete for the prize money. The cast of the show is unknown, and there is no information accessible about them.

Win the fifth season of Shazam!

They are willing to give it some thought if the producers decide to move through with a new season. Even the cast can’t be predicted at this point in time. On the other hand, we are here to provide you with the names of all of the guest stars who appeared in the prior seasons.

Terrance Howard, Odell Beckham, MC Hammer, Tony Gonzalez, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bell Biv DeVoe, TLC, Ginuwine, Michael Bolton, and a great number of other celebrities have appeared as guests on the show during its prior seasons.

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When will the fifth season of Beat Shazam be available to watch?

According to Distractify, the premiere of Season 5 of Beat Shazam will take place on Fox on May 23, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The network has announced that the next fifth season will feature a few special episodes that pay tribute to the many people who have been heroes in our lives.

One episode will feature competition between teachers, while other episodes will include competition between military officials, firefighters, and police officers. As has been the case with so many others who came before them, these heroes will need to be able to identify the song as the time winds down and both teams compete against one another to win.

When teams make accurate guesses, they add more money to their respective banks. At the conclusion of each show, the competitors have the opportunity to win a significant sum merely by identifying the proper song title after hearing only a little excerpt from the song.

What does “Beat Shazam” have in store for its winners?

Even while not every Beat Shazam team has been victorious in taking home the top prize, each episode offers them the opportunity to earn up to one million dollars.

At the beginning of each episode, there is a competition between three teams to see which can accurately guess the most songs in the least period of time.

A Review of Season 4

In Season 4, there will be a total of four rounds for the main game. The first round is called the Shazam Shuffle, and every song comes from a different genre. The first four tracks on the Fast Track are each worth $1,000, and the total value of the Fast Track is $2,000.

During the second round of That’s My Jam, every team chooses two categories, and the category that receives the most votes is the one that is played.

Each of the first three songs is valued at $2,000, while the Fast Track is worth $4,000 total. In the third round, which is called Corinne’s Choice, the DJ decides which category to use.

Each of the first three tracks is valued at $4,000, while the fast track is worth $8,000 total. During the fourth round, titled “Without Words,” the instrumental portion of the song is performed.Beat Shazam Season 5

The first three songs are each worth $8,000, and the fast track is for $16,000 total.

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After the second round (the third in season 1), the team that finished in last place was eliminated and received nothing for their efforts. After the fourth round (the fifth in season 1), the team in last place is ousted from the competition and is awarded either a random sum of cash or a tenth of their total winnings (half in the first three seasons).

A team has the potential to earn up to $76,000 while competing in the main game ($126,000 in season 1, $124,000 in season 2, and $102,000 in season 3). In the event that the competition is still tied after rounds two or four (rounds three or five in season 1), the same rules that govern the main game are applied to a single additional song that is played as a tiebreaker.

The team that correctly answers the tiebreaker song in the least period of time and moves on to the next round wins no money.

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