Beastars Season 2 Release Date & Keyart Revealed


David Mudd

After a blockbuster season 1, Beastars has become one of the most popular anime streamed on the Netflix streaming platform.

As it is a Netflix Original anime series, it’s already renewed for the second season & its production is in the process.

If everything goes well & there’s no delay because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you can expect the second season to stream sometime in 2021.

However, before the official release of Beastars Season 2, Netflix has shared the 1st keyart of Beastars Season 2 on their social media handles.

Do you want to see how the key art looks? Well, let’s check it out:

Beastars Season 2 Keyart

The first piece of Key art released by Netflix features a growling main cast and a smiling Haru & Pina. Here’s the tweet posted by Netflix on one of their official pages:

As you can see, along with the keyart photo, Netflix wrote, “Someone in the Cherryton Academy drama club has a secret. Here’s your first look at Beastars season two, coming 2021!” in the caption.

Now, look at this Keyart closely. What did you notice firsthand?

Legosi is showing off his scarred eye via the broken glass. Along with him, there’s a snarl; Pina with a knowing smile; a growling Gouhin;  Dolph and Ibuki of the Shishigumi; a tense and frowning Louis; and Haru flanked by flowers.

Beastars Season 2 Storyline

Before Beaster anime became popular, writer and illustrator, Paru Itagaki released its original manga in 2016.

And within a year of its release, it became a breakout manga series. By 2018, the publisher had sold 1.3 million printed copies of the Beaster manga.

Derived from an important in-story character, Beaster anime tells the story of a world populated by anthropomorphic animals.  They’re controlling their carnivores’ urge to live in the world civilly.

Then as the story progresses, you meet Legosi & soon realize Beastars follow him around in the Cherryton Academy. For those of you who don’t know, Legosi is a wolf who has fallen in love with a rabbit Haru.

Final Thoughts

Beaster Season 1 first debuted for the Japanese audience in October 2019 & after; a few months later, Netflix premiered the Beaster Season 1 on their streaming platform globally.

The first piece of keyart is just the beginning. It’s highly likely that the second season will release sometime in the winter of 2021, Netflix will air the second season of blockbuster Netflix’s original anime on its platform.

However, just like the 1st season, you can expect its initial release in Japan. So, keep an eye out on these Netflix anime sites to make sure you don’t miss the anime.