Beacon 23 Season 2: The Sci-Fi Drama Series is FINALLY GREENLIT By the Creators!



Trapped inside a beacon that serves as a lighthouse for intergalactic travelers, a government agent and a stoic ex-military man have a lot of things to do now. But first, will he ever get out of it?

The recently released Beacon 23 has kept the attention of sci-fi lovers. There is a single person who hasn’t checked out this series on the Internet. The first season of the series has been released officially and the people have been looking forward to watching the next part of the show.

With a lot of things running across the Internet, the loyal fan following of the series has one question on their mind and that is will there be a season two of Beacon 23? Well, to find the answer to the question, we are here. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss anything about the series.

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  • Science fiction
  • Psychological thriller
  • Serial drama
Created by Zak Penn
Based on Beacon 23

by Hugh Howey

  • Lena Headey
  • Stephan James
  • Marnie McPhail
  • Daniel Malik
  • Carolina Bartczak
  • Cyrus Faird
  • Sydney Ozerov-Meyer
  • Hannah Melissa Scott
  • Tara Rosling
Theme music composer Ramin Djawadi
Composer William Marriott
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producers
  • Zak Penn
  • Ira Steven Behr
  • Tina Thor
  • Katie O’Connell
  • Elisa Ellis
  • Lena Headey
  • Stephan James
  • Glen Mazzara
  • Joy Blake
  • Katherine Pope
  • Manny Danelon
  • Lewin Webb
Production location Toronto
  • Steve Lawes
  • Cynthia Pusheck
  • Cybel Martin
Production companies
  • Boat Rocker Media
  • MGM Studios
Network MGM+
Release November 12, 2023 –


Beacon 23 Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

The lovers of the drama series have been looking forward to watching the upcoming season of the show. After the show was concluded on a major final, it was obvious for the client to anticipate the new season of the series. If you are looking forward to watching the series, you are on the right track.

The creator of the series has officially confirmed that they have removed the season 2 of the show’s majority of people were already shocked after hearing the renewal status because it was too early for them. 

With the renewal announcement of the series getting confirmed, we have started to check out the exact release date. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we don’t have any official statement regarding the series and its release date. The show is likely to be released in late 2024.

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Beacon 23 Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Whenever we talk about any series, it becomes important for us to check out the cast of the show. While the show has already confirmed the renewal status of the show. We can expect all the musical characters of the series to make a prominent Comeback. In the next few lines, we are going to talk about the cast who is likely to come back.

  • Lena Headey as Aster Calyx
  • Stephan James as Halan Kai Nelson
  • Natasha Mumba as Harmony
  • Marnie McPhail as Kanadey
  • Daniel Malik as Finch
  • Carolina Bartczak as Dr. Ree Avalon
  • Cyrus Faird as Tech Wrecker
  • Hannah Melissa Scott as Teenage Aster
  • Tara Rosling as Randall
  • Sydney Ozerov-Meyer as Grisha

Additionally, there might be some new characters making their first interaction in the show. As of now, we don’t have any official details on it but we genuinely feel that season two of the series will bring some new faces on the set..

Beacon 23 Season 2 Plot: What to Expect with the Storyline?

“Beacon 23” is a science fiction novel written by Hugh Howey. The popularity of the novel series was immense and after the conclusion of the series, we learned how the show makers admired the story and adapted it into a novel. The novel series, which was initially released as a five-part series, and later shown as a single volume.

The show features a war veteran known as Aster, who is stationed at Beacon 23. As the series began releasing its future episodes, we saw how viewers learned about the struggle of Aster. The show unfolds how Aster is haunted by his past experiences in a brutal war. Bringing back the past experiences into existence, we see how the story navigates around the themes of isolation, trauma, and the consequences of war on the human psyche.

The major question is regarding the plot for season 2. As we have already discussed the story of the series will navigate around the novel series, and we can expect the story to move further. Unfortunately as of now, we don’t have any updates regarding the show but we feel that the plot line for the series will move forward in such a way that we will learn about the life of Aster.

Beacon 23 Season 2 Official Trailer

The official trailer for the second season of the series has not been released. However, we have confirmed that the student runner will come out with something super soon. As it has already been confirmed that season two of Beacon 23 is under production, we will get the updates as soon as possible.

As we have already mentioned, the official trailer or teaser promo for any series is out when the production of the show is wrapped up. We need to wait for a while to get updates on everything. Till then, watch the season 1.

Where to watch the show?

If you wish to watch  Beacon 23 then the series is officially available on Amazon Prime Video for the viewers to stream. The sci-fi psychological drama series has made its debut on Amazon Prime Video for the audience to watch.

Not only this, but Amazon Prime Studio is known for a wide range of movies, web series, and TV shows. If you have any genre in your mind, you can watch it exclusively on the OTT platform.

What are the ratings of the show?

Whenever we talk about any series, viewers need to check out the online rating so that they can get a clear picture of the series. Here is everything that you need to know about the show.

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The creator of the series didn’t take much time to conclude the future of the year. Soon after the conclusion, the majority of people speculated about the renewal of the series. One of the major reasons was because of the ending of the show. Thankfully, the series is confirmed.

Want to get daily news updates? I hope that the research has helped you to shape your questions regarding the series and we will be back with another article as per your request. Share this article with someone who loves to watch new drama series and let them have an opportunity to learn about the future potential of the show. Follow Trending News Buzz.