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Battlefield 6: New Game To Be Released Soon! What Exciting New Features Could It Hold?


David Mudd

Battlefield is one of the well-known video games among gamers. We were listening to long rumors about this game’s part 6. Now it seems that it will out very soon. Here are some exciting new features for Battlefield 6 that players need to know.

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For your information, Battlefield is a series of video games. It is a first-person shooter game. EA DICE developed the game along with Easy Studios, Neowiz Games, and Visceral Games. Electronic Arts published the game. Battlefield was released on 10th September 2002. Since then we have 11 games and 12 expansion packs. Its latest release is Battlefield V on 20th November 2018. Players were waiting for part 6 since then.

The game is available on all PS consoles, MS Windows, Xbox consoles, and OS X. Players can play it only in multiplayer mode. Over 50 million players played the game till 2012. So Battlefield’s popularity is not hard to guess.



Battlefield has large online multiplayer battles. Players need to play in squads. Each player has their stats, rank, and weapon accessibility based on their performance in battles. They also receive their awards as medals, ribbons, and pins. In-game, there is a class system. Each class has different primary weapons, equipments, and roles.

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Updates About Battlefield 6

This game is maybe the most-awaited game till now. The developing house and publishers said that they would update about the upcoming sequel of Battlefield when the time comes. Now fans are losing their patience. But they can’t lose their curiosity nevertheless. There is a possibility that this dilemma may increase the game’s risks in the market. Although from our previous experience, it will be a mind-blowing sequel.

It will be a major heartbreak when I will tell you that Battlefield won’t release until 2022. This long-term waiting is quite surprising though. But EA DICE declared that they are currently working on this upcoming game’s availability on PS 5 and Xbox Series X. The most difficult task is now to keep patience.