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Battlefield 5: Battlefield 5 Is Getting The Last Content Update

Battlefield 5 is going to get another update full of new content in a couple of months. This is likely to be the game’s last major update, and the game will likely not get any new content afterwards. It may still receive minor patches here and there, but as far as the game’s live service is concerned, this is the end of the roadmap.

Battlefield 5 To Get Final Content Update

We get this information from Senior Producer Ryan McArthur, who made a blog post on EA’s official website. The post addresses a number of issues. He starts off by giving a shoutout to EA’s “Stay Home. Play Together.” initiative. He then moves on to talk about the final series of changes coming to Battlefield 5.


The game is currently in the middle of its sixth chapter, titled Into the Jungle. This chapter started on February 6, 2020, but is going to come to a close on April 29, 2020. Into the Jungle brought with it numerous bits of content. It gave players a new map to explore, new weapons and gadgets, a new elite to play as, along with chapter-specific rewards.

Final Update Likely To Come In June

McArthur’s blog post informs us that developer DICE is going to give us one last content update that’s similar to Into the Jungle. They are also targeting a June release date for it as of right now. They may have to rethink that since many of their developers are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, it’s likely that this last Battlefield 5 update may get pushed beyond June.

McArthur also spoke about what’s in store for Battlefield 5 after this update. Players will now get Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as a weekly reward. This should make it much easier for them to go back and collect gear that they’ve missed previously.



Battlefield 5 Will Be Active Beyond Final Update

There are also going to be a few new weekly activities to keep the whole community engaged. #FridayNightBattlefield servers, which have made a regular occurrence in the series, will be back for Battlefield V.

They’re also planning an event called Throwback Thursdays, which will bring together the communities of all previous Battlefield titles somehow. Beyond this, they are also working on Community Games Updates, as well as Battlefield 5’s anti-cheat system to ensure that the game remains fair for all the players who have stuck with it for this long.

Battlefield 5 is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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