Battle Freestyle: Stream It Or Skip It On Netflix?


Aditi Narendra

Freestyle Battle Movie Synopsis

The follow-up to Battle (2018), which was broadcast on Netflix and was inspired by the well-liked Young Adult novel by Norwegian author Maja Lunde published in 2014, is Battle Freestyle. Amalie, a learner of contemporary dance who developed into a hip-hop dancer with the help of her new lover Mikael, is played once again by Lisa Teige from the popular Norwegian teen drama Skam (Fabian Svegaard Tapia). The Illicit group is excited about their big dance contest in Paris after a few years.

Freestyle Battle: Stream It Or Skip It?

What Is The Gist Of Freestyle Battle?

We have introduced to the courageous members of the Illicit Dance crew straight away; they have all just returned from the first Battle. Amalie and Mikael are accompanied by their leader Josef (Morad Aziman), Moa (Bao Andre Nguyen), and Alex (Georgia May Anta), together and their motions are full of coordination and acrobatic flights that receive cheers from a gathering audience at street performance. However, as Josef points out, you can’t support yourself by dancing, so everyone in the group must return to their regular lives until Amalie finds out that Illicit has been accepted into Break the Cypher, a well-known street dance contest in Paris.

freestyle battle

The group travels to Paris, stays in a hostel, and enjoys themselves by filming dancing videos all-around the city to share on social media. All of them are delighted, but Amalie is torn. She resides in Paris with her separated mother Vivian (Ellen Dorrit Petersen), who works as a ballet instructor at a prominent private academy. When Amalie goes to see her, they hesitantly get back in touch, but she just tells Mikael about her mother. The gang also goes to Break the Cypher’s practice facility to see who their biggest rival is. The Raw-Nez team has supplied. While Lil Kev has “the craziest power moves,” Alex labels their boss Salah “a true legend” and Sarah Bee “one of the best B-girls in the world.”

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Amalie holds herself responsible for her mother’s absence. Even while spending time with her is stimulating, it hurts when Vivian fails to identify her as her daughter to other students enrolled. Even if she gets her a job interview with the professor of modern dance, Vivian is disdainful of her connection with Mikael. Amalie admits, “I don’t always know where I’m going with her,” and it’s true. Her absenteeism from rehearsal sessions for Illicit is getting worse. Only a few days remain till Break the Cypher. Her mother might be generous one day and cold the next. And she and Mikael are frequently at odds. Which route will Amalie take? And can her team succeed despite overwhelming odds?

What Is Our Review On Freestyle Battle?

Freestyle is a dancing movie after all, and it’s thrilling to watch each member of Illicit and the teams they battle to showcase their talents on the dance floor. Moa is all about twists, slides, headspins, and flaunting his abs while Alex blends wavy body moves with aggressive call-outs and seamless synchros. Josef prefers bold b-boy techniques and dynamic pops. For Amalie, there is a clear harmony between her training in contemporary dance and the more assertive hip-hop action.

In the world of dance movies, the tension almost never lies in the conclusion. Of course, the outcasts are facing up against the most powerful players. Of course, they lack status, have inadequate resources, and have staff shortages. They do, however, are together and feeling, and in this world, the force of a person’s character always triumphs over lucrative sponsorships and enormous reputations. The big final fight in Battle: Freestyle is also foreshadowed.

Battle: Freestyle

But once Break the Cypher kicks out, the movie does have some fun watching off the b-boys, b-girls, and different randomness at work, with inverted performers slipping around and on their heads and clawing back on their hands, bodies twirling and bending through the airspace, violent spells of bursting, and frantic insults in mime. However, freestyle does skew to one side in this. Dance movies need practice scenes just as much as they need fight scenes, but despite the fact that Freestyle comes to life whenever Illicit dances together, there isn’t enough of this connection on display.

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That is mostly due to the movie’s emphasis on Amalie’s troubled journey of discovery, which is very predictable in and of itself, especially without a more in-depth examination of the emotional chasm that has existed between her and her mother for all these years. Other parts of her journey, particularly her audition at Vivian’s academy, when she combines the beauty and fluidity of modern dance with daring hip-hop moves, work well. And as a heartbroken Amalie flees into the nighttime Parisian atmosphere, she meets three friends along the way who end up working together and proudly show the personal freedom and dancefloor improvising taking place in a hidden dance club to the pounding beats of Lindstrom’s “I Feel Space.”

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The scenario and its personalities would provide for an excellent setup for any third Battle episode, should such a thing come to be. They are more vibrant, vivid, and enticing than anything occurring in the world of competitive hip-hop dancing.

What Is The Final Verdict?

STREAM IT, particularly if you’re a lover of dancing flicks already. Fans of the first Battle will enjoy some character growth in Amalie and the Illicit crew’s trip through Battle: Freestyle, which hits the typical category beats.