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Batman: The UK Production For Robert Pattinson’s Film Has Been Stopped

Are you excited about the new Batman movie? We are too, but there is news that might make you sad. The new Robert Pattinson starrer Batman movie is put on hold for the next two weeks. The UK schedule for the production is on hold because of COVID-19 breakout. There are some positive cases in the UK. As preventive measures, Warner Bros Productions have decided to go on a two-week hiatus.

People Have Mixed Feelings About New Batman Movie

The new Batman movie, directed by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson in the title role, is giving the audience mixed feelings. No one knows what is going to come their way. We are not sure if Robert Pattinson will be able to play Batman the way Christian Bale and Ben Affleck did. The comparisons will be there; there is no way they can avoid it. We hope that he can put his edge into the character. 

Hope that he doesn’t copy any of the actors who have played the role of Batman. Robert is a talented actor, and we are sure that he can do this. People might be making memes about him, but they can’t deny the fact that he was looking good in the new Batman dress.

When Will The Movie Release?

The new Batman movie will release next year in June. The initial release date for the film is 25th June, and it might change if there are any changes in the shooting schedule. The medical epidemic is affecting everything from releases to the shoots; the filmmakers are scared. We hope that the world can get rid of this virus soon and everything gets back to normal.

Living In A Scary Phase

The world is horrified; everything is shutting down. People are locking themselves down to stay safe from the virus. Friends have stopped hanging out; families now meet on video calls. Celebrations are getting cancelled, and the movies are getting postponed. This is probably the worst phase in so many years. The world has seen financial emergencies, other medical emergencies, but this one is the worst of all. 


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