Review and Spoiler the Latest Dc Movie on Batman: The Long Halloween


Sandeep Singh

The Good news for DC fans and Batman lovers because the most awaited animated movie of the year Batman: The Long Halloween is now on air. The director of Batman: The Long Halloween is Chris Plamer under the production of Jim Craig and Kimberley S. Moreau.

The drama thriller debuted in two parts in consecutive months of June and July. The Running time of both parts is 86 minutes.

Plot: What Is the Plotline of Batman: The Long Halloween?

The animated crime-based thriller Batman: The Long Halloween is based on the DC comic with the same name.

In the first part

The Botham city again is in the centre but this time it is gloomy and dark shows its downfall. The main story starts on the eve of Halloween with the murder of John Vitti, the Nephew of Carmine Falcone.

Gotham police captain James Gordan assigned this case to Batman and Harvey dent.

Carmine Falcone is under the rose because Viiti had some shreds of evidence against his company. With the help of Catwomen, Batman and Dent reached his stockpile of cash during their initial research and burnt it. In response, Falcone hires Mickey Chain to bomb Dent’s house and kill him. With the god grace, both survived with minor injuries.

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On the other hand, Mickey was released due to a lack of shreds of evidence, killed by the Vitti’s Muderor on the day of thanksgiving.

Till now, it was confirmed, that murders occur only on some special days. Therefore, they give him the name holiday man. Jocker is one of the potential criminals who could be the Holidayman, but he was not and trying to find him out, to kill because he does not want any evil other than him in the city.

Batman: The Long Halloween

In new year’s eve, Alberto, son of Falcone, whom He is ashamed

.the first part ends with two questions (a) who is the Holidayman (b) who is his next target?

You want to know the killer go and watch 2nd part or read the conclusion.

Cast: Names of the Characters Involve in Batman: The Long Halloween

Appearing in both parts

1. Jensen Ackles gave the voice for Bruce Wayne / Batman

2. Zach Callison has been tapped to voice Young Bruce Wayne

3. Josh Duhamel gave the voice to Harvey Dent / Two-Face

4. Billy Burke gave the voice for Commissioner Gordon

5. Naya Rivera gave the voice for Selina Kyle / Catwoman

6. Alastair Duncan gave the voice for Alfred Pennyworth

7. Troy Baker gave the voice for Joker, Antoni

8. David Dastmalchian gives the voice for Julian Day / Calendar Man, Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin

9. Amy Landecker gave the voice for

Barbara Gordon, Carla Viti

10. Julie Nathanson gave the voice for Gilda Dent

11. Gary LeRoi Gray gave the voice for Officer Pearce

12. Fred Tatasciore gave the voice for Solomon Grundy, Large Triad, Vincent Falcone

13. Jim Pirri gave the voice for Sal Maroni

14. Titus Welliver gave the voice for Carmine Falcone

Batman: The Halloween Release date: When will it premiere?

The most anticipated animated movie of this year is finally released in two parts.

First, streamed on June 22, 2021, and second on July 27, 2021.

The fans were elated after seeing their favourite characters after years of waiting, and If anyone of you hasn’t watch watched it yet.

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go and catch it on the undermentioned platforms.

Platforms: Where Can We Watch Batman: The Long Halloween?

Batman: The Long Halloween

The action-packed thriller is waiting for your praise. Batman: The Long Halloween is one of the movies which reminds us of our childhood days of comics and cartoons.

You can watch both parts of the movie on amazon prime and warner bros movies.

You can also catch similar genre series on these over-the-top platforms.

Ratings: What are the Ratings of Batman: The Long Halloween?

The famous DC comic-based movie ” Batman: The Long Halloween”

performed well and collected positive reviews from the audience all over the world. The rating of the movie on IMDB is 7.3 and 7.2 and in the rotten tomatoes are 100%. These stats are enough to show us its real calibre.


The theme is so creative and worth watching, The revengeful thoughts lead you on a dark path with no point of return.

Alberto is an innocent chap who bears the brunt of his past mistakes. Gilda is alone and aloof from inside and wants some spotlight after her bad relations with Harvey dent.

ok, I think this is enough to predict the murderer.

need one more clue?

ok, Gilda and Alberto were in the same college where they fell in love and wanted to marry but Falcone refused to accept this.

Now if you get the answer comment or watch the movie.