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Batman Game: Bigger Than Arkham Knight, Launch Date, What To Expect


David Mudd

WB Montreal is developing a new Batman game. It will be an addition to Batman: Arkham title or so it is believed. However, this might not be the case.

There have been a series of tweets by the developer. They have suggested that this will be another division of Arkham Origins.

The makers had posted some symbols suggesting this division. Additionally, they also added the phrase ‘capture the knight’ to it.

This game is expected to be bigger than Arkham Knight. Stay hooked to know more about this game. Get the latest updates on it now.

More About The Batman Game

Now there had to be an event featuring WB Montreal. They were going to announce its new projects alongside Rocksteady.

However, the global coronavirus pandemic cancelled the event. So, there is no new update about any new DCEU projects.

There was a leak according to which there was going to be a sequel of Arkham Knight. This would’ve features Bruce Waynes son, Damian.

However, after the leak, there has been no confirmation about the project. The makers had been weirdly silent about the entire leak.

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It Is Bigger Than Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight will be smaller than the new game. This latest entry is all set to outplay the previous parts in the franchise.

Also, this is confirmed by a renowned writer for gaming. So, you can expect this to happen. Arkham City has been quite small for the players.

Origins gave the player only one city. Then, Knight expanded the city for about 4 or 5 times over.

What To Expect?

Now, we aren’t sure about anything. Just because the game is bigger does not verify if it is any good. It has to surpass all our expectations.

Arkham City has provided quite claustrophobic worlds to play in. Its cities have been quite small. It has so far been the smallest in all the 4 games.

Also, it has been very well received. So, getting over it would be very hard. But, you don’t know yet. This game might just create woo you over.

This time you’ll get bigger cities. So, you can expect a lot of enthusiasm.