Batgirl Movie (2022): Why Did It Get Abondoned?


Riya Arya

What is going on in entertainment industry? Well, there are many films that are cancelled or abandoned by creators for various reasons. In this article we are going to tell you that Batgirl is no longer being released. Yes, you have read it right. Keep reading to discover all the latest information regarding Batgirl. We recommend you to continue reading. Here’s everything you need to know so far. Let’s have a look what we have found out for you. 

Based on the DC Comics character Barbara Gordon / Batgirl. Batgirl is an unreleased American superhero film. The film was Produced by Burr! The film was directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah from a screenplay by Christina Hodson, and It starred Leslie Grace as Batgirl, alongside J. K. Simmons, Brendan Fraser, Jacob Scipio, and Michael Keaton.

It began filming in March 2017, but Joss Whedon left the project a year later. Hodson then wrote a new script in April 2018. El Arbi and Fallah started directing in May 2021.

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The film was confirmed as an HBO Max original. However, the studio decided not to release it due to the company’s cost-cutting measures.

Batgirl Movie (2022)

Batgirl: Quick Facts

Budget $90 million
Produced by Kristin Burr
Directed by Adil El Arbi
Bilall Fallah
Screenplay by Christina Hodson
Based on Batgirl by Gardner Fox Carmine Infantino
Starring Leslie Grace
J. K. Simmons
Jacob Scipio
Brendan Fraser
Michael Keaton
Cinematography John Mathieson
Music by Natalie Holt
Production companies Warner Bros. Pictures DC Films Burr! Productions
Country United States
Language English

Batgirl: Cast

  • Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon
  • J. K. Simmons as James Gordon
  • Jacob Scipio as Anthony Bressi
  • Brendan Fraser as Ted Carson
  • Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne
  • Ivory Aquino as Alysia Yeoh

Batgirl: Music

The music plays an important role in the business of any movie. In September 2021, Natalie Holt announced that she would compose the score. She met Danny Elfman regarding her plans to use the original Batman theme for Michael Keaton’s character.

Batgirl: Cancellation

In August 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) announced not to release the film.

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“The decision to not release Batgirl reflects our leadership’s strategic shift as it relates to the DC universe and HBO Max. Leslie Grace is an incredibly talented actor and this decision is not a reflection of her performance. We are incredibly grateful to the filmmakers [and cast] of Batgirl… and we hope to collaborate with everyone again in the near future.”

—Warner Bros, Discovery spokesperson on the decision to cancel the film.

The Final Words

In order to conclude the article, We hope you enjoyed reading this article. We tried our best to keep you update with all the latest information regarding Batgirl.

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Batgirl is an unreleased American superhero film. In August 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) announced not to release the film. Its cancellation is quite unexpect and shocking, especially for those fans who had been eagerly waiting for the film to be released. What do you think of its cancellation? Were you also waiting for this film? Let us know in the comment section. 

Here in this article, We have shared all the latest updates regarding the film. For more such latest uodates, Go through our website on a daily basis. All the upcoming information will soon be updated on this page. Stay tuned for more such latest update. If you like this article, leave your feedback. We value your feedback.