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Barry Season 3: Plot | Trailer | Cast


David Mudd

Barry is an American dark comedy-drama created by Bill Hader and Alec Berg. The series successfully managed to impress critics and fans alike with the help of their offbeat storyline and perfect use of deadpan humour. The dark overshadows the light and the weird comedy begins to lean towards a dark tale of the inherent and unchangeable human nature. Barry Season 3 will be a great watch!

Barry has already launched two seasons and the third one will soon be in production. That means, dear fans, get ready for a brand new Season 3 of Barry. The previous seasons had 8 episodes each. We expect the same in season 3. 

Welcome to World of Barry, where a killer tries to change his path, well, to become an actor. Now we have your attention, learn everything about Barry season, right here, right now about the venture. 

Plot of Barry Season 3 


Barry Berkman is an ex-marine turned hitman. He is sent on a mission to kill an aspiring actor who is having an affair with the wife of a Chechen mafia boss. While trying to kill the wannabe actor, Barry himself ends up in the same acting school. After meeting Sally Reed, Barry starts to question everything he has done so far. 

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The Big Question 

The show asks the big question — can a person change?  Or rather, can a killer ever stop killing? 

It turns out, not quite. Barry’s initial questioning of his path slowly leads him to confirm that he is right where he belongs — to the world of cold-blooded killers. He kills a monastery full of killers and lets his acting coach get arrested for killing his girlfriend Detective Moss who figured out Barry’s truth.

No matter how much Barry tries to leave his violent past behind, he always seems to end up right In the middle of murderous ways. He keeps killing people to hide the truth and at the same, he wants to stop being a criminal. Both these self-contradictory points he ends up where he began.

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Gene Cousineau’s epiphany 

a still from Barry Season 3
Featuring a glimpse of Barry Season 3!

When Barry first auditioned for the acting class, his emotionless sociopathic self came out as he did not know much about acting. As times progress he found the people in the acting are more accepting and friendly and he decides to be part of it. One day, he tells Cousineau that he is an assassin and would like to become an actor, leaving the violent life behind. Slowly he and Cosineau become friends. 

At the end of season 2, to Cosineau’s horror, he realizes that what Barry told was not some improvised monologue but his truth. Cousineau, who has always been optimistic about people, is shocked to the core. 

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Barry tries to take out Fuchs 

the main lead actors from Barry Season 3
Featuring the protagonists from Barry Season 3!

In the season 2 finale, Barry goes crazy and he only wants to kill Fuchs. He kills whoever gets in his way. He hates Fuchs with all his might. Fuchs never believed that Barry could change. He believed that Barry was born a killer and would forever remain so. Barry’s resort to blunt murders are a testament that Fuchs was right about him all along. Barry can’t tolerate this and is hell-bent on killing him.

Noho Hank 

NoHo Hank is a remarkable character who steals as much thunder as possible from the show’s protagonist Barry. Noho is Goran’s lead henchman, with an eccentric twist about him. He seems to want to be in Barry’s good book. His character plays an important role to enhance the comedy and lightly touches it with dark wit. His screwball humour just works. 

We expect to see more of him in Season 3.

Season 3 

Season 3 will have a lot of exciting moments. It will start with Fuchs running away from Barry. Barry is deeply upset by Cosineau being behind the bars and he will probably try to do something about it without jeopardizing his position.

Season 3 is going to have a lot of action-packed and powerful moments. We are wondering about how Barry handles the truth of who he really is.

The cast of Barry Season 3 

the cast of Barry Season 3
Showcasing the cast of Barry Season 3!

We Expect familiar faces to return. Barry (Bill Hader)and Gene(Henry Winkle) will face off, of course. Fuchs(Stephen Root) and Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan) both survived Barry’s rage and Barry’s girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg) had an inadvertent victory on stage.

Release date of Barry Season 3 

Bill Hader has confirmed that writing for seasons 3 and 4 both are done. But filming came to a halt because of the pandemic. So we don’t have a release date yet.

Barry Season 3  Available on 

The show is available on HBO and HBO max.


Barry is quite a show that leaves you wondering even after the show is over. The hitman comedy itself is a strange oxymoron and the show stays true to the genre classification. The strange and unnecessary remarks throughout the series enhance the comedy-drama. In brief, the show is one of a kind.

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