Banshee Season 5: Cancelled Or Not?


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Will Banshee Season 5 come or not? It is an American Tv crime and thriller drama given by David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper. This crime drama earned 8.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDb with 82,686 consumer votes. So will the drama come back or not? Is Banshee which first aired in 2013, getting cancelled for the fifth season?

Let’s Know completely in this article about this Banshee season 5 which came to air on Cinemax from 2013 but ended with its four seasons only and not renewing for its fifth one.

It is a story of a man who plays or takes the place of Lucas Hood and wants to live a good life after being released from the penal complex by completing his time in a place where he didn’t want to go and now searching for his friend in Banshee, Pennsylvania.

And we are going to know whether the series is picked up for 5th instalment?

When will Banshee Season 5 Air?

Banshee Season 5

Sorry, Banshee is not coming back for the fifth season as it was cancelled as the drama ended with four seasons. Cinemax and TVLine announced that the fourth season was the end of this show and it is the final season.

It was also stated from the side of Michael Lombardo, HBO Programming’s director that, “ Banshee is a special and compelling series that supported set excessive requirements for unique programming for Cinemax”.

“The splendid series combination of motion and comedy got a frank and strong fan base that will no longer be upset in Banshee’s last Season”.

Then it was also added by Jonathan Tropper that “Banshee has been an extraordinary journey, and we proceed to ruin the new floor in season 4. While we honestly regarded coming back for a fifth season, I constantly stated that when the tale was told, it would be an opportunity to go on, and that moment has come.

I am thankful to cinemax for getting Banshee the excellent progress it has been and for helping our innovative choice to wrap matters up.”

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Cast of Banshee Season 5

Banshee Season 5

As you all know that new season is not coming and the fourth one is the last season of this series. So there is no cast for season 5.

But you can see these are the members who contributed to the Banshee crime drama.

  • Frankie Faison as Sugar Bates.
  • Antony Starr as Lucas Hood.
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn as Siobhan Kelly.
  • Ulrich Thomsen as Kai Proctor.
  • Rus Blackwell as Gordon Hopewell.
  • Hoon Lee as Job.
  • Ivana Milicevic as Anastasiya or Ana Rabitova.
  • Matt Servitto as Brock Lotus.
  • Demetrius Grosse as Emmett Yawners.
  • Daniel Ross Owens as Daniel or Dan Kendall.

Is there Any Trailer for Banshee Season 5?

No, there is no trailer for Banshee season 5 so enjoy its final or last season trailer which is given below-

Where to Watch the Previous Season of Banshee?

You can watch complete four seasons of this thriller drama free on The Roku Channel and with subscription and by buying it on HBO Max, Hulu, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Cinemax, Youtube, Vudu and on Google Play movies and TV.

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Banshee is a good drama series to watch but unfortunately the series ended with the fourth season which is the final and the last season of Banshee and there is no fifth season of it.

The show is enough one to watch and it received 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and with these ratings you can also understand how the show is given love from the fans and audience. So, watch its previous seasons and if you already watched this drama then read other latest articles on our website.

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