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Bandman Kevo Net Worth: Who Is Bandman Kevo Married to?

Kevo is an American rapper, songwriter, and social media sensation who is well-known among hip-hop fans for his original material and fast-paced raps.

Kevo is not only a musician but also an entrepreneur and a financial advisor. He is one of the most successful people in this sector, with exceptional knowledge and insight into financial considerations.

Early Years

Kevo was born on February 16, 1990, making him 32 years old at the time of writing. Chicago, Illinois is where he was born. Kevo’s parents were materialistic, and he acquired this trait from them. He dropped out of school to pursue a well-paying career.

Kevo, the lead singer of the band, has loved music since he was a child. When he saw artists’ lavish lifestyles, he decided to turn his interest into a lucrative career and entered the musical arena at an early age.


Kevo began his musical career when he was only 17 years old. Kevo made his hip-hop debut in 2013 with the song “All Foreign.” The song was a hit because it was able to capture the attention of a large number of people. The music was well-received, and it received millions of views. Kevo was encouraged to continue on his journey and release his second single as a result of his accomplishment.

In 2014, he released “Who is Dat?” as a new single. This song was his second consecutive hit, as it was also a tremendous hit, with over one million views on the official video he posted on YouTube.

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Then, in August 2014, he released another song called “Baller in Me,” delighted with his previous success. This song was a smash hit, catapulting his popularity to new heights. His success drew a lot of attention.

Kevo was approached by fellow rappers and offered the opportunity to work under a record label as a result of his string of hit songs and expanding fame.

Universal Records is the record label of bandleader Kevo. He proceeded to create successful singles under this label, catapulting his popularity to new heights.

In 2014, he published his debut mixtape, “Fast Life Mixtape,” which was also a smash and received a lot of positive feedback.Bandman Kevo Net Worth

He released another single, “Gas,” in 2015. This song was also a hit, as expected, and his success set the door for his future achievements.

In addition, Bandman Kevo launched his own YouTube channel, “bandmankevo.” On this channel, he used to publish his official music videos as well as videos about his daily life.

He released a song called “Finesse the God” in 2019 that was well received by hip-hop fans. In 2020, he released another single, “Strangers,” which was successful in attracting a large audience due to its lyrics and melodies.

He launched his single “Stop playing with me” in 2021, which was a hit with music fans due to its distinctive foundation and strong energy level.

“Fresh Out The Gym,” which he released in 2022, is his most recent single. This song has become a huge hit, and viewers can listen to it on Deezer and Spotify.

Kevo is not only a musician but also an entrepreneur and a financial advisor. He invested in a variety of enterprises, including NFTs. Kevo also has an account on Only Fans, where he has a sizable fan base. He helps his followers achieve their ultimate goal by sharing his knowledge of financial principles, business suggestions, credit repair, and smarter investment selections.

Bandman is the author of “The Sauce,” a book that can be found on Amazon. The cost is $9.98.

Kevo, the bandleader’s education

Kevo, the bandleader, received his primary schooling at a local primary school in his hometown. Later, he went to high school in Chicago but walked out in the tenth year because, in his opinion, courses were not teaching him how to become wealthy, which he craved.

Before beginning his musical career, Kevo forged his diploma to secure a job. Nonetheless, in 2020, he released a video on his official YouTube account in which he explained his deception and the rationale for it.

Kevo Family, a musician

Bandman The names of Kevo’s mother and father remain unknown. The only thing we know about them is that his father was a businessman and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. Kevin’s parents were materialistic and believed that life would be meaningless without it, which he inherited. In an interview, he stated that rather than being broke, his parents would like him to be a con artist or a scammer.

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In a video, he also stated that children only appreciate wealthy fathers. For them, a bad father is useless.

Groovin Gorilla is the brother of bandleader Kevo. He has a twin brother as well. He once mentioned that he grew up in a large family and spent his youth with his brothers and relatives.

Kevo’s Wife, Son, and Girlfriend

Dyme Kevo is the wife of bandleader Kevo. They have a son named Chicago Kevo together.

Dyme recently posted a video in which she describes how Bandman abandoned her and their son on the streets without a roof. Kevo responded by claiming that she was fake tears. Their relationship is currently at a crossroads, but they have not yet divorced.

According to speculations, Kevo’s girlfriend is Mercedes Hatcher, with whom he is having an adulterous affair. They have a history together and were in a relationship in 2016, but reports suggest they are still dating behind closed doors.

In 2016, Bandman and his girlfriend Mercedes Hatcher were arrested in a credit card scam and sentenced to 22 months in prison, along with several other people implicated.Bandman Kevo Net Worth

They took $ 639,000 from the bank and made off with it.

Kevo and his partner Cortez Stevens paid the government $ 141,919 to shorten their time in prison.

Kevo, the lead singer of the band, has a tattoo on his entire back.

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Kevo House & Cars is a band led by Kevo.

Kevo, the bandleader, lives in opulence. He owns a number of homes and enjoys wearing and accessorizing with high-end designer clothing and accessories. On his Instagram account, Kevo once posted a photo of a silver and diamond bracelet, watch, and chains. The rapper also has a collection of high-end automobiles.

Net Worth

Kevo’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million in 2022. His musical career is his main source of income. He makes a lot of money by selling his music, working with other rappers, or recording for a different label.

He also makes a lot of money via his YouTube channel and his Only Fans account. He also makes a lot of money from the firms he invests in.

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