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Bam Margera Net Worth: How He Made Millions? Updated News 2022!

Every 2000s youngster knows Bam Margera! The star gained fame on MTV, especially through his role in Jackass. With his network success, it’s only natural that people wonder what Bam Margera has been up lately.

Since Bam Margera was so popular in his peak, people assumed he would be able to live well for the rest of his life, and they were right!

Despite his feud with former co-star Johnny Knoxville, Bam remained close to a couple of his MTV pals. So, how much is Bam Margera worth now? Whence came his Hollywood fortune? Let’s see!

Once worth approximately $45 million, Bam Margera is now worth $20 million. After the death of Ryan Dunn, Bam found himself in a bad place. The star spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on rehab for his substance abuse troubles. Bam Margera has also been behaving out online, worrying supporters. Bam received a restraining order after his 2017 Dr. Phil appearance, filed by Jackass director Jeff Tremaine.

Bam Margera’s Fame

Bam Margera may not be a household name among millennials now, but he was when MTV was king.

Bam was a professional skater before he joined MTV. He was good in this field and got some good sponsors.

Bam would also make his own amusing stunt films for his CKY series, which led to his appearance on Jackass. Bam’s prominence soared after Jackass.

It was clear that MTV had a huge hit show on its hands, and Margera was significantly more marketable than other members of the group. Not only did this help him gain recognition as a professional skater, but it also helped him advertise himself.

This was merely the beginning of Bam Margera’s rise to fame and fortune. Were he still a recognised face in the industry, few could have guessed how much money he’d make or lose!

How He Made Millions?

Now that Bam was famous thanks to his time on MTV, it was time to start developing his vast net worth. During this time period, he had many possibilities to profit.

First and foremost, Bam was making MTV money! Bam had his own show called Viva La Bam after appearing on Jackass.

The series ran for 5 seasons and 40 episodes, according to IMDb. Bam told Nine Club the show had a $300,000 weekly budget!

He didn’t say how much he made, but we can only guess. Then there was the short-lived Unholy Union series on MTV, which earned him millions!

This form of media was paying well, as were his skateboarding sponsorships. Bam’s collaboration with Element was making him a fortune selling gear and boards.

Margera claimed to have made $2 million from his Element sponsorship in a DVD commentary, which is ridiculous!

Making money isn’t easy, but Bam has a knack for it. But things would alter over time.

What Is Bam Margera Worth Now?

Bam’s net worth grew to heights few others could reach, but nothing lasts forever, and his net worth has dwindled in recent years.

Bam’s net worth is currently $20 million, which is astounding given how long it has been since he ruled MTV. While this is a $10 million decrease from his previous cash flow, we can’t fault him for maintaining it after all these years.

After the loss of his friend Ryan Dunn, Bam found himself in a sad place. After this, Bam Margera had no choice but to spend nearly $100,000 on rehab! This came after Bam’s appearance on Dr. Phil, where he spoke up about his troubles.

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Bam has a great support system! He is still married to Nicole Boyd, with whom he has a 3-year-old kid.

After a dramatic fall-out over Jackass 4, director Jeff Tremaine was given a three-year restraining order against Bam.

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