Gerry Strydum – The Companion Of Yuujiro Hanma



Gerry baki season 4

The other character who will play an important role in the Baki Season 4 is Gerry Strydum. He is also a powerful character of the anime series and also in the manga volumes. While the other characters of this show are from Japan and mainly born there but Gerry isn’t. He is a netizen of the USA and this is something that makes him different from other people.

He was the Commanding Officer of the US Army. Now have you read my other article about the main antagonist of the Baki anime series, Yuujiro Hnama. These two were both in the USA as a companion. Even more, they are comrades-at-arms

In the USA, Gerry Strydum always felt the urge to be small in front of Yuujiro, as he was a well-respected person for the USA and popular among the Army. As we all are aware that Yuujiro is a Beast and can defeat any person. 

Like every other character, Gerry also wants to defeat Yuujiro but this is what we can only predict. You’ll further see that Gerry is quite patient as compared to Yuujiro and respect him greatly. Gerry has been with Yuujiro for many years and knows what he wants and wishes to do in the future. When they were training in the USA, he was the one along with him. 

But there are several times when Gerry feels annoyed with Yuujiro’s behavior. Yuujiro is kind of annoying and always uses force to speak. He is the sign of Brutality and violence which Gerry didn’t like. 

His famous line in the Baki anime series was, “Is even the Earth’s anger powerless before the Ogre’s Confidence as World’s Strangest?”

The tall and muscular guy has a soft side for everyone. He is caring for every fighter and shows a lot of interest in talking to and caring for others. Gerry also plays a father-like role for Baki. When Baki came home after leaving all the academies and teachers, He talks to her about his future goals.

When Baki and Yuujiro fought on Arena ground, he was very tense. Because he knew both of them for a long time and Baki was very small at that time. 

Now, Baki is all grown up with a lot of fighting skills but he knows that he can’t beat Yuujiro ever. One of the other reasons why he loved Baki was he knew that he was always abandoned by Love.

Since Baki was little he always craved for his mother’s life. His mother, Emi Akezawa, wants Yuujiro’s love and she never really cared for his son, Baki. Emi pretends to be with Baki because she knows that this will be something Yuujiro wants. Gerry, who knows all this, wants Baki to get stronger to overcome all these things.