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Backup/Digitize Movie & TV Series DVD to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Since the last decade, movie DVD has become a fashion and there’re disks in nearly every household. However, couch potatoes also encounter some problems while handling DVDs and movie playback, including too large DVD library, DVD region code protection and natural damage to disks, etc.


If you need to back up or digitize your DVD collections of movies and TV series, then it’s the right time to get a fast and easy tool: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. It can help you digitize all kinds of your DVDs with the video quality maintained.


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Why choose WinX DVD Ripper Platinum?

The problems mentioned above can be well solved if we get digital copies of DVDs. Through this, your disks can be safeguarded with backups. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is recommended for better overall performance. See what this software is capable of in detail below:

Rip every kind of disc- It supports all kinds of DVDs such as movie/TV series DVDs, 99 title DVDs, region DVDs, damaged/old DVDs, homemade DVDs, etc.

Rip DVD to MP4, ISO image file, and other-Bypassing the region code protection or damaged sectors, it presents you complete digital movie DVDs that are supported by all screens. You can backup DVDs and save them on the hard drive, Plex and NAS, etc.

Superfast processing speed-It can rip/back up a full-length movie DVD of 1.5-2 hours within 5 minutes.

Minimize the digital file size with the same quality– Such task will be done at a 47X real-time faster speed. Also, the video quality will stay the same. The file size won’t be too large so that your device will be spared from too-full memory.

How to digitize DVD with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

You can easily get digital files of your DVDs through simple steps. It enables level-3 hardware acceleration and the ripping process can be completed with the possible highest speed.

Insert your DVD into the computer drive and click the “Discs” icon to import.

Select an output format as you need in the “Output Profiles” window. MP4 is recommended.

Choose the destination folder at the bottom of the UI and click “RUN” to go.

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Why you should digitize DVD collections

If you are still confused about the problems with physical DVDs and wonder that is there any other options except for getting digital DVD copies, check what these problems really are and why digital DVDs is better for you next.

Problems of disks:

Large in physical size

Numerous movie fans have a large collection and the DVD library might even take up a whole single room. Sometimes you have to take a while to find the one you can’t wait to watch among those DVD shelves. Such a disadvantage also makes it difficult to watch movies on the go, because disks are quite space-consuming.

Can’t be played elsewhere

You have no choice but to prepare a DVD player to watch movie DVDs once there are no optical drives on your laptop. In addition, disks are unplayable on mobile, a device that we cannot live without. Also when you try to play DVDs on Plex or TV, their formats may not be supported.

Region code might be a barrier

The disk is under region code protection. This is one of the biggest annoying problems for DVD collectors. For example, if you bought a disk in Japan, you may find it unplayable back in America.

Age of your DVD collection

It’s unavoidable for physical disks to be scratched after using them for a long time, and gradually they become unreadable. Under worse circumstances, it can even be accidentally broken if fetched by kids. Other common seen problems such as corrupted torrent files and unavailable subtitles in the target language also trouble DVD collectors a lot.

Stream movie online is not the best choice

Maybe some users turn to streaming movies today. Online movie, for sure, is more convenient and easy to get. However, there exist disadvantages that cannot be ignored of it, such as shuttering playback, annoying ad intervals, and lost movie/TV series resources…


Now I believe you might have a better idea about the problems with DVDs and online movies. Regarding those factors, we can say creating digital copies of movie DVDs is an inevitable trend. From this, we can safeguard physical discs and avoid problems of streaming movies, then why not?

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