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Baby Driver 2: Plot | Release Date | Cast

Baby Driver is an American crime action film that received attention and acclaim as it offered a rare cocktail of music and thrill. Released in 2017, this film made a significant change in Edward Wright’s directorial filmography who till then was famous for his cornetto/blood ice cream series —  Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and so on. Baby Driver 2 is a must watch!

When Baby Driver was released in 2017, not a lot of anticipation preceded it. But when the film got to the big screen, it completely amazed the audience. It turned out to be one of the highest-grossing films (earned 228 million dollars, of 34 million dollars budget). Edgar  Wright was so happy by the result that in 2018 only he decided on a sequel.  Sony Pictures too asked him if he would go for a sequel.

The second part of the movie has been in the talks ever since even though no definite information regarding the progress of the venture was mentioned neither by Wright nor by the actors of the film. But recently, at the end of 2020  Wright has the following : 

“It’s written. I’ve written like three drafts of it. You get fans on social media asking, ‘What’s happening with blah blah blah,’ and it’s like, ‘You know there’s a global pandemic, right?'” 

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The anticipation begins…

After the confirmation directly from the creator of the movie, fans are going crazy out of excitement. After all, how frequently do you get a high-speed car chase, malfunctioning criminals, a really good taste of heartwarming music and an adorable driver? Not much right? 

Now that Wright has confirmed that he is done working on the scripts, the story doesn’t end here. Ansel Elgort has confirmed that Wright has shared the script with him.  But he has been tired about the about upcoming project and gave us that killer smile that his fans would die for. 

He also added that he believed Baby Driver 2 would happen in near future only. Lily James, Elgort’s co-star, who played his love interest in the movie, too hinted at the strong possibility of a sequel and said she was just praying for the sequel to take place. She seemed very excited to reprise her role. 

Even though the script is confirmed as admitted by Wright himself, the release of the movie seems still pretty far off, sorry fans. Wright has been pretty busy with 2021 enterprises. Two of his passion projects are here already. Film Documentary The Spark Brothers which has earned Wright overwhelming acclaim and a great critical response, released earlier in 2021. After this Wright has a psychological horror film releasing in October 2021 — Last Night in Soho.

So understandably, Wright didn’t have enough time to chalk out the details of Baby Driver 2 . Along with the confirmation, Wright said that since he worked hard on the script, he would direct the sequel as well. 

Before getting into more about Baby Driver 2, here is a quick recap of Baby Driver (2017 ) that will get you all caught up.

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The Plot of Baby Driver 

showcasing a still from baby driver 2
Featuring a glimpse from Edgar Wright’s Netflix Baby Driver

Baby, who suffers from Tinnitus, works as a driver for a gang of criminals and Doc is their boss. Once Baby had caused the Doc a great deal of financial loss,  without knowing. He started working for him to pay for his damages ever since.

This gang has four members who take part in the direct action and Doc is the criminal mastermind behind all the activity. The gang consists of Bats, Buddy, Darling and Baby is the gateway driver. First, the gang robs a bank. Later they go for one underhanded dealing and another post office heist. In both cases, things go awry and Baby tries to refuse to be a part of it. 

In the meantime, Baby’s love interest, Debora, who is a waitress at a diner, is found out by the gang and is used to manipulate, threaten and draw Baby back into the quagmire of crimes. Baby feels helpless but he decides he would not go down with a fight.  

After some cool action sequences and Baby’s evolving morality, Baby ends up in incarceration for 25 years with 5-year parole. Baby, whose name is revealed to be Miles at the end of the movie, meets Debora at the end. 

The sequel is supposed to take off after this point, as the tradition shows. But when it is the creation of Edgar Wright, we are never really sure what is going to come out of his mind. He loves to surprise his audience and succeeds too. 

Music in Baby Driver 

One of the most important reasons Baby Driver was such a success, was the use of songs in the movie. Baby would make mixtapes with snippets and then listen to them. Songs have an embalming effect on him.  Even when he meets Debora, they connect through songs. Later he is seen dancing at his home with his foster father. Music always seems to be setting the mood of the story. Wright’s choice of soundtrack is killer and immediately hits a nerve with the audience. From Queen to The Beach Boy to the GarfrunKel — the movie has awesome songs in it.

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Baby’s story 

Baby is a young boy whose life turns upside down when he steals a car with stolen goods. What he didn’t know is that the owner of the car was a crime boss and now he must become the devil’s bounty hunter to make things even. It is simply one of those stories where people just get trapped in the world of crime. It’s not a choice that people willingly make. Wise men know getting into the shady world is easy; getting out, on the other hand, not so much. 

Sweet Romance 

a glimpse from the movie, baby driver
Will there be a Baby Driver 2?

When Baby started working for Doc, he thought he would serve the punishment period and it would be over quickly. But when he saw murders and the extent things could go wrong he just wanted to be out. After meeting Debora, Baby’s sense of morality is enhanced. He wants to be the better version of himself, the girl he loves.  

The Gang

The gang members seem to be the most desperate and deranged group of criminals. This is what makes them so very dangerous. Bats is paranoid and thinks Baby is a spy; Buddy blames Baby for his wife Darling’s death and Doc will not let off easily. Their pressure on the baby, bullying behaviour highlight Baby as the odd one out. 

The actors of Baby Driver 2

official photoshoot of the cast of baby driver 2
Featuring the talented cast of Baby Driver 2

Ansel Elgort was indeed made for the innocent Baby who got trapped in a world that had no place for morality. Lily James pulled off nicely the role of a simple girl free from all darkness of the world.  Jamie Fox has played the role of Bats. Fox’s acting skills need no introduction or analysis; as always, he has done a fine job.  

Direction of Baby Driver 2

English writer-director EDGAR WRIGHT received praise for this venture. Wright’s skills are well celebrated in the creative sphere. In his recent endeavour The Spark Brothers, he has done a brilliant job, creating a new wave of artistic evolution. So when it comes down to the sequel of Baby Driver, his fans have high hope for him.


The first movie is available on Netflix. So you can watch it anytime. 


Anticipation has started to build regarding this upcoming project and fans have been asking a lot of questions. Since most of the characters are dead in the first part, it’s fair to assume there will be a new ensemble of the cast to steal the show. In addition, we hope there will be significant use of classical music, as the first one. 

In the meantime, refresh your memory by watching the first movie as it is often said that it is easy to make a good movie without a predestination and it is significantly difficult to make a good sequel. 

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