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B99’s Kwazy Cupcakes Is Now A Real Game

There is no shortage of adorable little things in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For a show about detectives tracking down criminals, it can be surprisingly tender and sweet. So now, Kwazy Cupcakes, the cute game played by Gina, Holt, Terry, and Charles, is available for download. The game is very much similar to Candy Crush; in that, the players match three sets of cupcakes with the same color of frosting!

Although a Kwazy Cupcakes game was made available all the way back in 2015 on the App Store and GooglePlay, it has since been removed. It was unclear as to why it was removed, but it’s nice to see that we can experience its bright, bubbly colors and cute animations once again.

Kwazy Cupcakes

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Who’s Behind The App?

The app comes via the courtesy of a Reddit user who realized that the app had been taken down. So, taking the matter into their own hands, they decided to develop a version of the game themselves. Leaving a link on the r/LetsPlayAGame subreddit, Reddit user sans_todraki cited their love for the show. Having become learned Unity, the developer said that they made the app to escape the boredom of the quarantine.

One of the latest episodes of the show tackled Jake learning parenting skills, taking Terry and Boyle’s kids to the premiere of the Kwazy Cupcakes movie. And honestly, the episode did make me wish that we as fans, could play the actual game.

Kwazy Cupcakes

A Warm Fandom

I recently wrote an article about fandoms becoming increasingly toxic over the years. To see fans endeavor to create something like this is heartwarming. The app currently has a five-star rating across the board with around fifty reviews.

As it stands, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently airing its seventh season and is stronger than ever. Following its cancellation, the show was quickly rescued by NBC, who has renewed the show for an eighth season.

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