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Away: The Survival Series Wants You To Experience The “Devastating Impact Of Climate Change”


David Mudd

Global warming is one of the significant issues for all the inhabitants of the planet, and it is rising at an alarming level. It is crucial that everyone understands the intensity of the impact and contribute to stop the earth from deteriorating.

Since video games are played by people all age, it is one of the best platforms to emphasise this issue. In this article, we will be discussing the initiative taken by Away: The Survival Series to work towards this cause.

The Player

In most of the games, the players are playing with a human perspective. But in this game, you will be playing as a sugar glider. No, this is not a new candy name! The sugar glider belongs to a species of gliding possum native to Oceania.


The primary reason for choosing sugar glider as the role is because they are right at the bottom of the food chain. This means that they are a scrumptious meal to dozens of other species and this comes with a considerable risk of extinction.

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The Trailer (Away)

You can watch the trailer for the game by clicking on the link mentioned below. This trailer is the exclusive first look for our PS4 gamers!

AWAY: The Survival Series – Announce Trailer | PS4

The Setting

The background for the game is not a real post-apocalypse world as you think it might be. It is not dreadful with remains of bones, flesh and ashes. In fact, it is really subtle and tranquil. It emphasizes on the fact that nature has taken over control.


This game has the potential to generate awareness amongst the players since very few games actually focus on real issues like these. The studio is currently working from home due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. They are brainstorming more ideas like these for the future games.

What are your thoughts about the game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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