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Avengers : Here’s How The Avenger Stars Are Quarantining Themselves


David Mudd

Coronavirus is locking more than half of the world in their homes. However, all of it is for good measure, of course. Even the Earth’s mightiest heroes are self-isolating as we speak. They are human, after all. Here is how the Marvel avengers heroes are quarantining themselves.

Avengers: Captain America With His Homeboy

Amidst the global pandemic, Chris Evans is at home, self-isolating. The Captain America actor recently shared a picture via twitter, showing him at his home. The image features Evans with his dog on the couch. The caption also read, “homebodies”. It seems like Cap is chilling at home, away from the virus.

Avengers: Spiderman Push-up Challenge

The recent push-up challenge is going viral on the internet as a way of staying healthy during the pandemic. Even celebrities are doing the challenge and nominating others. Our friendly neighborhood spiderman is one of the many who performs the challenge. Tom Holland recently uploaded an Instagram story of him doing ten push-ups.

He also nominates a bunch of other Avengers to do the same. RDJ, Hemsworth, we are waiting for you!

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Avengers: Thor Offers Free Fitness Program

While staying at home can be fun, it does not mean that you laze around all the time. In these trying times, we must maintain our health and stay fit. Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth is offering his training and fitness program for free to everyone for six weeks. He also shares the same via Instagram.

Avengers: Nebula’s Quarantine Karaoke

While the pandemic often seems scary, quarantine does not have to be. In fact, quarantine can also be quite fun. Karen Gillan recently posted a series of Instagram videos titled “Quarantine Karaoke”. She is singing in the videos while self-isolating at her house. If Nebula can have fun at her home, then you can too!

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Avengers: Gamora With Her Boys

Zoe Saldana recently posted a picture of food and kids drawings on her Instagram. She captions the post saying that these times do seem trying and encourages fans to reach out to her if they want to talk. It looks like Gamora is spending time home with her family, spending quality time with her kids.

The Avengers are telling you to assemble, but in your homes and stay safe. Therefore, people must practise social distancing during this scary pandemic.