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AT&T: Trump Talk About The Coronavirus Connect Plans To Verizon’s CEO


David Mudd

Read ahead to know more about how the telecom giants in the United States are providing services to the customers amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Conference Call With President Donald Trump

On Tuesday, this week, Donald Trump had a conference meeting with the CEO of American telecom giants like Verizon Communications, AT&T. Furthermore, the conference was also joined by Comcast Corp and Charter Communications as well.

All the telecom giants addressed how their company is working to provide telecom services amidst the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Furthermore, The United States has seen a surge in traffic.

AT&T voice notes lasted 39% more than the average of 27% on a normal day. Moreover, Verizon saw 800 million wireless calls each weekday. This is twice what the company sees usually.


All the telecom giants are seeing massive traffic on their servers. Furthermore, Donal Trump thanked them for keeping the telecom services running despite the coronavirus outbreak.

He said that the companies have helped to share information and services regarding coronavirus. Furthermore, he said he will offer complete assistance to these companies for running their telecom services amidst the coronavirus crisis.

AT&T Helps Health Workers In The United States

The American telecom giant AT&T is paying a 20% bonus to coronavirus frontline workers. Donald Trump thanked AT&T for keeping the American citizens connected during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the company is providing all those telecom services which customers expected during the coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, many medical helpline authorities have tied up with AT&T to provide helpline numbers to the people in need of medical attention.

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Tech Giants To Provide Resources For COVID-19 Research

Verizon Communications Role

Verizon Communications saw a 47% rise in collaboration tools used for remote learning and online learning last week. Furthermore, the company is focusing on the trends and changes in the network usage which is adjusting as per the need of the users.


Also, Verizon Communications is taking steps to ensure that American citizens stay in touch while practicing social distancing. Moreover, the telecom giant has made wifi hotspots available for students who are stuck at home. The company has waived fees incurred on data usage by users.