AT&T Phone Plans Review 2023: Pros and Cons


Mohit Kamboj

AT&T is one of the greatest carriers in the market, but it does not mean that AT&T plans do not have both pros and cons. There are many things to like about AT&T’s offers, but the key question is whether or not they apply to you.

We’ll cover all you need to know about AT&T as a carrier, both the good and the bad, including AT&T’s service, unlimited and limited data plans, and family plan options, among other things.

What We Like About AT&T

AT&T provides powerful 4G LTE service throughout the majority of the United States and continues to improve its footprint each year. It has routinely ranked second in the US for 4G LTE coverage, behind Verizon (its competition) by a razor-thin margin. It clearly surpasses T-Mobile in rural regions, giving it an excellent option if you live or work in an area with little 4G (or even 3G) infrastructure.

Meanwhile, support for AT&T’s 5G service has never been stronger, with numerous 5G technologies being rolled out to provide Americans from coast to coast with greater access. To take full advantage of these speeds, however, you need a 5G-capable smartphone, and certain older AT&T 5G phones cannot access all 5G network technologies.

AT&T’s 5G network is comprised of both of these technologies, but their sub-6GHz technology is much more common. AT&T’s 5G+/millimeter wave (mm-wave) band is where you’ll begin to see incredibly fast internet rates (more than 1Gbps), although the industry as a whole has a ways to go with this technology.

AT&T officially offers a third “5G” technology, 5GE (5G Evolution), but it is just a 4G LTE connection with a new name. AT&T got into difficulties owing to the misleading designation for 5GE and no longer utilizes the word in marketing materials; nevertheless, you will still see it as a connection symbol on phone screens within the network. Under ideal conditions, AT&T 4G LTE/5GE still offers outstanding speeds, with the company promising anywhere from 14 to 61 Mbps.

What We Dont Like About AT&T

While 5G is still such a new technology, the deployment has been a bit rough for many operators. AT&T, on the other hand, has performed respectably but is still behind T-substantially Mobile’s expanded network in terms of availability.

Due to the numerous sorts of 5G technologies, your “5G” experience will vary significantly based on your location and the technology that is accessible to you at a particular moment. This may be less of a scam and more of a warning.

Pros and Cons Of AT&T

AT&T Pros AT&T Cons
  1. Strong coverage
  2. Good selection of plans and phones
  3. Good international perks
  4. Stores everywhere
  1. Plans aren’t the cheapest
  2. Not the most generous hotspot allotments

AT&T Unlimited Plans

AT&T’s unlimited plans, particularly AT&T’s Unlimited Premium and Unlimited Extra plans, are great solutions if you want strong deprioritization limits for your data needed. Having several hotspot allocations for times when you require an internet connection for other mobile devices is also a great feature.

AT&T Unlimited Plans at a Glance

Plan Deprioritization Pricing* Hotspot
Unlimited Starter Can be deprioritized at any time $65/mo. N/A
Unlimited Extra 50GB $75/mo. 15GB
Unlimited Premium Truly unlimited $85/mo. 50GB

AT&T Unlimited Plans- Pros and Cons

AT&T Unlimited Pros AT&T Unlimited Cons
  1. High deprioritization thresholds
  2. 5G access
  3. Generous hotspot allotment
  4. Family plan discounts can save a lot
  1. Expensive pricing
  2. No hotspot included on certain plans
  3. Weak entertainment perks

AT&T’s Limited Data Plan

AT&T offers only one postpaid limited plan, the 4GB Plan. You receive all of the following features for $50 per month:

  • 4GB of 4G LTE premium data
  • Unlimited text messaging to more than 120 cities and countries
  • Truly unlimited talk calls, text messages, and 2G data while traveling in Canada and Mexico
  • Hotspot feature, that lets you draw from your 4GB pool

AT&T 4GB Plan

Carrier Data Type Total Price
AT&T 4GB Full Speed Data No Contract $50 per month

with AutoPay & Paperless billing

+ $30 Upfront

AT&T Limited Plans- Pros and Cons

AT&T Limited Plan Pros AT&T Limited Plan Cons
  1. Cheaper than AT&T unlimited plans
  2. Hotspot capable
  1. No 5G access
  2. Still pricey compared to other carriers

AT&T Prepaid Family Plans

Similar to its postpaid family plans, AT&T offers discounts on its prepaid family plans; the more the number of lines, the greater the discount per line. You must acquire a plan that costs at least $30 per month per line, though.

The option to mix and match plans for each line is a wonderful feature of prepaid AT&T family plans. This provides a great deal of price and feature flexibility and saves you the trouble of splitting your data, text messages, and other allowances. Prepaid lines have no phone finance options, which is a big downside.

AT&T Prepaid Family Plans

Carrier Data No. of Lines Total Price
AT&T 20Gb 4 &80/30 Days

AT&T Customer Support

There are various methods to contact AT&T customer service, including the company’s website, online chat, email, and even social media. Nonetheless, AT&T lags behind the competitors (T-Mobile and Verizon) in terms of customer service rankings but is still capable of addressing customers with concerns.


Are AT&T plans cost-effective?

It depends on your specific needs. AT&T offers several attractive features, such as its Unlimited Your Way plans for families, international bonuses, rapid and stable data connections, and an early upgrade program (AT&T Next Up), but its costs may be higher than those of T-Mobile, Visible, and even some Verizon plans.

AT&T may be well worth the overall cost if pricing is not a problem and you receive excellent coverage in your location(s) or if you want a clever way to swap phones more regularly.

Is AT&T better than Verizon?

Many would agree that Verizon is the greatest overall provider, particularly in terms of coverage. But, depending on where you live and what you’re looking for in a plan (high data speeds, for example), you may find AT&T more suitable. No single carrier is the best for everyone; rather, it is a matter of determining what works for you and balancing the advantages and downsides against other available carriers.

Does AT&T have 5G plans?

Yes! AT&T offers a 5G connection on all of its unlimited postpaid plans and on some prepaid plans as well. But, keep in mind that a 5G-capable gadget is required to utilize this technology.

Does AT&T offer family plans?

Yes, they do. AT&T offers both postpaid and prepaid family plans, allowing you to mix and match plans for each line on your account, including their unlimited plans (Unlimited Your Way).

How good is AT&T’s coverage?

It depends on where most of your time is spent. AT&T delivers some of the greatest coverage in the market on average, but there are places and locations where it falls short. Use our coverage tool to examine the places you visit and base your selection on how well you are covered there.